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How to Beat the Heat

By Vin Sehgal, Youth Football Online, 08/21/17, 2:00PM CDT


Attitude matters-do not discount the dangers of the sun.

In the football world, August brings the heat in more ways than one. Heat illnesses are common, but certainly avoidable, in youth football. 

It first starts with the coaching staff, as each coach should be thoroughly educated on topic of heat exhaustion and illness. Attitude matters- do not discount the dangers of the sun.

Youth football athletes may suffer from various levels of heat related injuries(from minor to more severe). For states in the southern regions, particularly Texas, heat related injuries are especially a concern.  As coaches we will pay attention to exertional heat illnesses, these are caused by intense exercise in the sun. Football kids wear equipment which compounds the increase in body temperature. Here are tips for football play in hot weather:

  1. Coach, be cognizant of best times to work your kids on the practice field. Morning hours, and after 7pm are generally best times to avoid the high heat.
  2. Take breaks out of the sun. We are believers in efficiency at practice, therefore