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Logistics expert perfect fit for USL

By Loren Nelson, 08/21/17, 6:45AM CDT


Seton Hall grad Adam Satz smartly manages United Soccer League's sprawling digital network

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Adam Satz


United Soccer League


Digital Network Manager

Use of platform:

Registration, Sitebuilder


Satz gained celebrity status while attending Seton Hall and working as the men’s basketball team’s manager. He won a national Manager of the Year contest in 2011, outdueling a duo from Duke in the finals and securing a $10,000 scholarship for Seton Hall in his name. As part of the UPS Store-sponsored contest celebrating the “logistics experts in college basketball,” a video crew followed Satz around campus for two days, recording his life as a Dean’s List student and integral member of the men’s basketball program. The video, which shows Satz doing everything from washing uniforms to scouting opponent’s tendencies, was posted on a website along with the videos of the other finalists. Satz received more than 5,600 votes. “That video has followed me around over the years,” said Satz, who has cerebral palsy. “The kind of reach that had is a testament at Seton Hall.” While his unmatched work ethic and expertise in logistics has proven to be a boon for the Tampa-based United Soccer League, Satz admits he has changed some since his college days. “I have a little bit better haircut now,” he said with a laugh. “I’d like to think I maybe dress myself a little better now, too.”

What he does:

Satz, who grew up in New York’s central valley and is a lifelong soccer fan, manages the USL’s sprawling network of team and league sites. That network includes sites for all 30 teams as well as the USL’s Premier Development League, Super Y League and Division III league. Satz says he is something of a “traffic cop” in that his job is to ensure stories are tagged properly, images are loaded at the correct sizes and, in general, teams are accomplishing what they are trying to do. “They are all working with a varying level of resources, and some teams need more assistance than others,” Satz said. “I think we have gotten to the point where everybody is on the right track.”

Making his mark:

Satz said Seton Hall’s athletic department used four different website providers in his four years at the school, and part of his job as manager was to learn the inner workings of each platform. As part of his duties with the USL, he’s now helping train and mentor dozens of team and league administrators. “I have had to become very familiar with the SportsEngine platform in a short period of time,” Satz said. “I think the advantage SportsEngine has over all of those platforms is it’s ease of use. It is easy to pick up the system and make it work.”

Fun fact:

Satz’s sense of humor is showcased at the end of his manager of the year contest video when Seton Hall coach Kevin Willard asks Satz, “When you become head of the operation, will I become part of your staff going forward?” Without hesitation, Satz replies: “I’ll always take care of you, coach.”

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