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Common Football Injuries at Practice - What to do!

By Dr. Ricky Dewan,, 08/14/17, 1:30PM CDT


Minor bruises, scrapes and abrasions and how to treat.

As youth football preparation kicks into gear, it is important to be cognizant of common injuries that may occur during practice.

Most common in kids sports are minor bruises, scrapes and abrasions- as a rule of thumb for scrapes you should (a) stop the bleeding (generally the bleeding will cease by itself), (b) clean the wound with water (c) bandage the wound. Before practicing, it is imperative that kids warm up properly (including muscle stretches), are properly fitted for equipment and are utilizing the right footwear. Some common football injuries are best treated with a little common sense, while other injuries require the consultation of a physician. Imaging studies, or x-rays, will help to determine the extent of the injury and direct treatment.

Here are some common on-field youth football injuries: