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How to Set Up Tourney Registration

By Marie Fitzgerald, 10/20/17, 11:30AM CDT


Running a successful tournament can be difficult. Scheduling, scoring and organizing alone can be a daunting task, which is why SportsEngine created Tourney. Tourney has assisted countless tournament directors and admins in the process of running their tournament, but we felt we were missing a key step. What happens before any schedules are completed, scores are entered and championship games are decided? Registration and payment collection.

Tourney Registration bridges the gap between teams signing up for your Tournament and the process of setting up and running it.  We want to make sure we are simplifying your sports life and we think this is another step in the right direction. You can set up and manage your Registration and Payment Collection all in one place. Not to mention the fact that the teams who register get automatically placed into their Divisions within your Tourney. Say goodbye to the days of tedious data entry and hello to a simplified, seamless and automatic Tourney tool. 

To set up Tourney Registration

  • Access Tourney and login using your SportsEngine credentials
  • Set up a tournament and divisions
  • Fill out Registration form in Tourney
  • Check out your newly built session
  • Add a program for your tournament
  • Share with the world

Access Tourney and login

You will need to be granted access to the Tourney Tool by a member of the SportsEngine Team. You can reach out to our Customer Success Team to gain access to the tool. If you have yet to purchase Tourney, you can reach out directly to your Account Owner.

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Set up a tournament and divisions

Once logged into Tourney you can begin to build out your desired tournament and the division that will be a part of it.  Remember to include how many teams you want to fill each of the divisions and any extra game settings that might be specific to this tournament.

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Fill out Registration form in Tourney

Click right on the Registration tab and begin filling out the questions as detailed or simple as you need them to be.  This will automatically create a Registration that you can send out right after you complete the form.

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Check out your newly built mobile responsive registration

Head back to your organization’s admin control panel to take a look at your handy work. After ensuring that all fields are set up properly, you can go ahead and enable the session.

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Add a program for your new tournament

While you are in your Admin Control Panel, you can click on the Programs tab to add your Tourney right onto the new  Not sure how to add a Program? Don’t worry, we have a play by play for you, just click the link below: 

How to Add a Program

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Share with the world

You’ve done all the behind the scenes work, now it’s time to let people know you have a Tourney coming up! Add a CTA to the home page of your site and share the link via social media to get people interested.

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About Marie

Marie Fitzgerald is an Associate Product Marketing Manager at SportsEngine, Inc. She currently coaches a U9 girls team for Fusion Soccer Club and cheers loudly for Manchester City. Marie grew up playing soccer and basketball in Wisconsin and you can find a Bucky Badger bobblehead proudly displayed on her desk.