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Lacrosse club ditches paper registrations

By Loren Nelson, 06/19/17, 4:00AM CDT


Team mom-turned-registrar Tiffany Hendriksen ushers in digital-first era for Portland-area's Tigard Lacrosse

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Tiffany Hendriksen


Tigard Lacrosse Club


Registrar, webmaster

Use of platform:

PowerPay, Registration, Sitebuilder, Verify


Hendriksen was doing such an exemplary job as a manager each season for her oldest son’s youth team she was promoted to registrar two years ago. “They asked if I would be interested in joining the board,” Hendriksen said. “Because of my job I really don’t have time to donate during the day or to volunteer at the school. So I thought, ‘You know what, I can at least do this.’ ” A graduate of Portland Adventist Academy, Hendriksen was one of 48 in her senior class. She had no desire to attend a massive university, so nearby Oregon and Oregon State were scratched off the list. The slightly smaller Boise State University was a better fit, partly because Hendriksen could live with her father for free while attending school. Although she didn’t play sports in school, Hendriksen has become a lacrosse aficionado through her six years watching her oldest son play for youth teams in the southwest Portland suburb of Tigard (population: 48,000). “There are still some things I’m learning,” she said. “Like the slashing. Some refs allow so much hitting on the arms.”

What she does:

Hendriksen took her new role so seriously, she convinced Tigard Lacrosse’s board to switch to a platform with a more user-friendly registration system. After doing her research, Hendricksen settled on SportsEngine as the best solution, and the board agreed. “The capability of what the website could do on the admin side is much better than what we had before,” said Hendriksen, who is in the process of phasing out all of the club’s old paper registrations, putting everything online through the website. “We did a lot of (online) registrations last year,” Hendriksen said. “Every clinic we had a ran through SportsEngine. It was awesome.” She said team pages were a big hit last year as well. Hendriksen used the mobile app to keep scores updated as her son’s games were in progress, and coaches used it to communicate with parents and players. Speaking of coaches, Hendricksen created bios for coaches at each of the club’s age levels. The bios include photos of the coaches, so parents know who to look for at the field.

Making her mark:

Hendriksen created a Frequently Asked Questions page that covers everything from the basics such as Who is Tigard Lacrosse? and What is lacrosse? to How much is the registration fee, and what do I get for that? In the answer to that last question, Hendriksen breaks down the costs at each of the club’s five age levels.

Fun fact:

Oregon State University’s men’s lacrosse team typically plays at least one game in the Portland area, and in April played arch rival Oregon at Tigard High School. Hendriksen is hoping that next spring the Beavers play Boise State, her alma mater, at Tigard.

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