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Webmaster wisely leverages pro-quality photos

By Loren Nelson, 04/03/17, 12:15AM CDT


Adam Kristal leads transformation of Golden Valley Little League's site

Webmaster of the Week: April 3-9


Adam Kristal


Golden Valley Little League



Use of platform:

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It might be a stretch to say Kristal is a walking, talking contradiction, but he does have a tendency to zig just when you think he might zag. He played tennis at Henry Sibley High School in suburban St. Paul, Minnesota, even though he says basketball is his favorite sport, “I’m short, and I’m not very good, but I still love playing,” he said. He also is hooked on the Midwest and the Minneapolis-St. Paul area in particular. Still, he headed south (and west) at his first opportunity, attending Arizona State University where he was a three-sport (baseball, basketball, tennis) intramural warrior. As much fun as he had in the desert, Kristal longed for a return home after graduation. “I kind of new I always wanted to be back here,” he said. “I can deal with the extreme cold much more than I can deal with the extreme heat.” Kristal settled just west of Minneapolis in Golden Valley, where he and his two boys have been fixtures in the Little League program for the last five years.

What he does:

Kristal has coached or managed a Golden Valley Little League team each of the last five years. Two years ago he ramped up his responsibilities by taking on the the organization’s communications position. Last year he tacked on the league’s website management duties. Kristal, who works in client relations at Augeo Affinity Marketing, a company started by his family, makes sure all of the league’s registration sessions are updated and posted each year. He also regularly sends out emails to members of the league that numbers about 200 players. Kristal played a major role in the recent migration of the Golden Valley Little League site to a mobile responsive theme. “I got really sick and tired of seeing the same (home page) images I’ve seen for five years,” Kristal said with a laugh. “Really, the big reason we did it is because it works much better on phones and iPads now.”

Making his mark:

Kristal makes good use of the photos provided by professional photographer Brad Rempel, who has a son playing in the league. Kristal submitted those photos to SportsEngine's creative team for the site’s new design and also uses them in the Call to Action page elements he keeps updated at the top of the home page.

Fun fact:

One of the organization’s big fundraisers is a summer fun-focused Wiff-O Classic that has rules such as, “You don’t have to run out a home run, but it looks pretty cool.”

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