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Tool creates rosters in a flash

By Loren Nelson, 02/24/17, 4:30PM CST


Rostering from registration is must-use method for saving administrators dozens of hours

In hockey-mad Minnesota, the largest youth hockey associations have hundreds of players on dozens of teams in a myriad of boys and girls age divisions.

One of the most anticipated moments of the season comes each fall–even before the first team meeting or practice can be held.

Call it roster release day. Or team assignment day. Or the unofficial start of the season.

By whatever name, this magical moment does not happen…magically. Whether teams are assembled through drafts or evaluations or random like-ability pools (or some combination of those methods) all of those players must then be grouped together under their respective teams’ banner.

Without the right tools, that rostering process can be cumbersome at best, tedious at second-best. Large associations (behemoth Edina, Minnesota's largest hockey association, being one example) are using SportsEngine’s Rostering from Registration tool to save registrars, site administrators and team managers dozens and dozens of hours.

Jim Dahline, SportsEngine's Director of Marketing, also serves on Edina Youth Hockey's board of directors. At a preseason meeting for coaches and team managers, his oh-by-the-way announcement that he had already posted every team's roster through registration was met by thunderous applause from the group.

"Because they knew all the parents' contact information was already loaded in the mobile app, and that they could start messaging their teams right away," Dahline said.

The scene is much the same on the West Coast, at least in terms of slashing hours of labor and boosting team communication abilities.

Like Edina Youth Hockey, youth baseball in the Bay Area suburb of Benicia is, "leveraging the (heck)," out of registration in the words of Benicia Little League webmaster Carl Rendell.

Both Dahline and Rendell contributed their considerable experience and expertise, not to mention an abundance of "bonus tips", to this article.

How it works

We show some of the best practices for using the rostering from registration tool:

  1. Getting started: Activate registration, admin access required 
  2. Navigate to sport management
  3. Use filters to shorten list of players
  4. Build your roster
  5. Use fields and filters to list only unrostered players
  6. Bonus tip: Send out messaging instantly

Getting started

  • Your site must be using SportsEngine's online registration system to use the rostering tool.
  • Admin permissions to at least a single registration session is required to access the rostering tool. You will only be able to create rosters from registrations in which you have access.
  • Players who are successfully attached to a SportsEngine account will automatically be placed in a team roster group. 
  • This group is accessible to users with page owner permissions for the team page by going to the groups tab when in edit mode on your team page. This will allow the coach/manager to send a mass email to the entire roster group to notify the team of any important updates such as canceled practice, game time changes, etc.
  • If possible, make sure you have your team pages built ahead of time. While it is possible to create unattached rosters, the process is much faster if teams are already in place.

One of the benefits of using SportsEngine's registration software is the ability to roster teams from registration.

Messages can easily be sent to a team roster group.

Navigate to Sport Management

Make sure you are logged in and in edit mode. Go to the Admin Control Panel. Click on the Sport Management tab. Select the Sport Management tab in the top navigation and then the Players link in the navigation directly below. Choose the Rostering tab, then select the registration session from which the roster will be pulled. If your teams have already been created, select the Team Rosters button. Choose your Team from the dropdown. Note: The location and look of the Admin Control Panel link varies depending on the Sitebuilder template. 

Use filters to shorten list of players

Specific age levels can be filtered out of a registration session, allowing you to only see those players. This shortens the list of players, making it easier to pull a group of registrants onto a team.

Build your roster

Names that appear on the left list are names from the registration you have selected and filtered. Only names with a "green+arrow" icon (denoted with the red A) can be added to the roster on the right. Once a name is selected you will see it appear on the roster list on the right. Players who are already assigned to a roster will not have the arrow in green and the roster name will appear in the "assigned" column (B). To remove any name on a roster list simply select the "red - arrow" icon (C) to make it available again on the registration list on the left. Those names were added to the roster manually from the "Add Unregistered Player" option show in the bottom right (D). 

Use fields and filters to list only unrostered players

When using the registration tool, you can filter your registered players to see only the ones who have not yet been assigned to a team. Click the Filter Registered Players button and choose the Fields option. Click the Rostering field, and you will see options for League, Division and Team. While it depends on how your site and registration sessions have been set up, in most case you will click the Team button. Now, under filters, set the conditions to "Team" and "is blank." Click the Update Quick Report button at the bottom to get an updated list of unassigned players. Note: If you create an unattached roster, you can import it to a team at any time. Just go to the team page, click the roster button and choose the Add Player option. Choose the Import Players from Registration option, then choose the desired Survey or Registration from the dropdown.

Bonus tip: Send out messaging instantly

Once you have used rostering to add players to your teams, there are multiple ways (see options below) you can email each team individually with a welcome message so that:

  • The players know they were selected and that their manager is now on the clock. To save time, use a boiler plate email message, then just make modifications of team and manager names. This would be a good time to encourage use of the SportsEngine app to ensure team communications are received as quickly as possible. 
  • Again, this alerts team managers and coaches, if they have been determined, they are on the clock to get their team meetings together.

Doing this will ensure all families and their players instantly know what team they are on and provides an opportunity to provide awareness of the SportsEngine app. This early message can also eliminate a barrage of emails from parents to player agents, coaches, registrars and league presidents.

Introductory team messages can be sent through a quick report in registration (filtering by team), using the message functionality in the team center or by going to the team page, choosing the admin tab and choosing the groups option.  

Messaging from registration

Messaging from the Team Center

Messaging from a team page

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