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Make your staff pages special

By Loren Nelson, 11/18/16, 12:45AM CST


Learn how to assemble the basic building blocks that will set your coach and staff pages apart

Those looking for the standard, generally accepted “best” way to create staff pages for an organization (and we hear that request often) might as well be searching for Bigfoot.

Check out 10 websites, and you’ll see 10 different approaches to creating pages for staff and coaches. We recently dug through dozens of sites on the SportsEngine platform to find what we considered the best staff pages and found vastly varying looks using a wide variety of page elements.

While there’s no magic formula for creating sharp, showy staff pages, we do have several tips that will give any organization as professional a look as possible through simple, clean pages.


We offer some basic advice, with examples, on how to assemble clean, professional staff and coaches pages:

  1. Gather your assets: photos
  2. Gather your assets: bio information
  3. The extras: links, photos, video
  4. Build your pages

Gather your assets: photos

Photos, biographies and contact information are the basic building blocks of staff and coach pages. If possible, the subjects in your photos should all be wearing shirts bearing the organization's logo. Formal wear (think suits and ties) works, too. Also for the sake of consistency, all the photos should have the same background and be cropped to the same dimensions. 



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Gather your assets: bio information

Good bio information includes a mix of the subject's personal and professional backgrounds. Where did he or she grow up? What sports did the coach or staff member participate in? High school and college accolades? Coaching experience should be detailed enough to include win-loss records, championships won and certifications achieved. 

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The extras: links, photos, video

Put your staff pages over the top by adding links, photos and videos of your subjects. Photos can be displayed in a photo gallery or in a media slider. Videos can be placed on the page using the code element. Be sure to link to any stories featuring your subjects.

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Build your pages

Staff members' bios, photos and other information can be displayed in any number of ways. They can each get their own page, be stacked on top of each other on a single page or organized in the tab element - and that's just three of dozens of examples. 

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