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Cook, Stephen, Rendell lead SNUG Bay Area event

By SportsEngine, 10/25/16, 11:45AM CDT


Webmasters share some of their best practices on maximizing use of SportsEngine platform

The SNUG Bay Area event was held Oct. 18 in downtown Oakland.

Jeff Cook of Folsom National Little League, Carl Rendell of Benicia Little League and Bob Stephen of Danville Oaks Rugby Football Club were the featured speakers among a group of about 20 youth sports webmasters, coaches, registrars, treasurers and board members who attended the SportsEngine User Group Event on Oct. 18 in Oakland.

Bob Stephen of Danville Oaks Rugby

Stephen, who serves as the treasurer and webmaster for his club, talked about why he recently transitioned his site to a mobile responsive theme, how he created a page that shows all the fields (pitches in rugby terminology) in the Bay Area and how he uses Dibs volunteer management software.

Jeff Cook of Folsom National Little League

Cook, who grew up in the Bay Area, is a coach, player agent and webmaster for his Sacramento-area league. He showed the sections he created for coaches, parents and umpires, talked about how he created a map the shows the boundaries between the Folsom National and Folsom American Little Leagues and how he built and updates his Home Run Club page.

Carl Rendell of Benicia Little League

Carl Rendell of Benicia Little League

Rendell is a coach and webmaster for his league based out of the northeast Bay Area suburb of Benicia. He shared why he felt compelled to write a 2,361-word manifesto titled “Why the Change?” to explain to league members the reasons for switching to the SportsEngine platform. Rendell also talked about how he created an age calculator that shows, based on date of birth, in what program a player belongs for that league year.

The event, held in downtown Oakland at Pacific Coast Brewing Co., also included representatives from the Chico Jags, Continental Little League, Diablo FC, East County Youth Football and Cheer, San Lorenzo Girls Softball League, Silicon Valley Softball League, Tomahawks Lacrosse Club, Top Flight Elite Baseball, Cal Diving Club and California Daredevils, among other organizations.

SNUG Bay Area was hosted by SportsEngine community manager Loren Nelson and included presentations from director of marketing Jim Dahline, product manager Matt Murphy, product marketing manager Rob Bedeaux and account manager Adam Nelson. Loren Nelson also talked about the SportsEngine Community and the resources it provides.

Bring SNUG to your city

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