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Share your (venue) status with this page element

By Loren Nelson, 08/31/16, 4:30PM CDT


Keep coaches, parents and players updated on the condition of your field or rink

Too much rain. Not enough drainage. The good folks at the parks and recreation department have closed the fields, and all practices and games scheduled for the day are cancelled.

This chain of events happens with such regularity that, way back in BSM (Before Social Media), field status hotlines were established. That’s right, coaches and parents called the designated hotline number to find out if a field was open or closed.

Problem was, there was no telling when the hotline would be changed to say the field was closed or re-opened. So repeated calls or fortuitous timing, or both, were required to get the most up-to-date information.

Compared to using today’s technology, the old hotline system (still commonly used today) was akin to chiseling text messages in stone tablets. The status of a venue can now be communicated instantly through a multitude of platforms, most notably emails, mobile apps and social media.

Another way to keep coaches, athletes and their families updated is through SportsEngine’s Venue Element. The Venue Element shows if a venue is open, closed or pending and can be placed anywhere on a SportsEngine site, or in multiple places using mirrors.

We like several of the features available in the Venue Element, such as the ability to link the name of the venue to a map. Also, there’s a notes field that can provide more information on why the venue is closed and when it might re-open.


We show where to find the find the Venue Element and how to set it up:

  1. Choosing the Venue Element 
  2. Setting up the Venue Element
  3. Packaging the Venue Element with other content

Choosing the Venue Element

Log in with your SportsEngine account. Toggle into Edit Mode. Navigate to the page on which you want the Venue Element to appear. Choose where on the page you want the Venue Element, then click the the Add Page Element link. Scroll down through the list of page element and choose the Venue Element option.

Setting up the Venue Element

In the Table Heading field, type in Field Status or Rink Status or whatever best describes your venue. Fill in the Venue Name field. In the dropdown just to the right of the Venue Name field, choose from Open, Closed or Pending. As shown in the second photo to the right, you can add notes to explain why the venue is closed, paste a link to a Google map in the Link Field and click the Add a Venue link to provide the status of multiple venues. If you want to use the Venue Element in other locations on your site, choose Enabled in the SportsEngine Mirroring dropdown. When you are done, click the Create This Page Element link at the bottom right.

Packaging the Venue Element with other content

We have seen several SportsEngine sites with separate venue or fields pages. Those pages included links to social media accounts that also provided that status of venues. Other pages included the Weather Element, maps and other venue-related information.

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