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Passing the Flame: Rio 2016

By SportsEngine, 08/05/16, 8:00AM CDT


This Olympics season, we’ll be #PassingTheFlame to shine a light on the people in our lives who inspire. Join us!

The Rio Olympics have arrived and SportsEngine is buzzing. Not because we’re all sports fanatics (which we are), but because the Olympics are more than just two weeks of extraordinary athleticism.

They’re the parents in the stands crying as they experience their son or daughter achieving their dream.

The coach who dedicated years to guiding a single athlete to Olympic success.

The quiet moments when young girls and boys on the sidelines realize for the first time, that if they give everything they’ve got, the extraordinary is within their reach, too.

What we’re feeling is embodied in all of these moments on and off the mat, track, field, and court. This feeling is inspiration.

As a company built on the belief that participation in sports is meant to influence the whole of life, SportsEngine wants to cultivate this feeling the Olympics so easily brings forth, creating a ripple effect with those who have inspired us, and those we wish to inspire.

This Olympics season, we will be #PassingTheFlame as a gesture to those people in our lives that we think of when we hear the word ‘inspiration’. We hope you'll join us in doing the same.

Pass the flame

To encourage a young athlete or to thank a role model, go to to “pass the flame” and a personal message to them. Then, make sure to follow SportsEngine on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to celebrate and share all those who will inspire and be inspired during these Olympic Games. 

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