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Articles can easily be added to game pages

By Loren Nelson, 06/29/16, 12:30AM CDT


Bundle all the content associated with a game by adding links to news articles

Today’s Pro Tip comes straight out of our Ideas Portal, where, from time to time, the suggested improvement/addition to the Sport Ngin platform already exists.

Such was the case when Jason Schwartz, Webmaster of the Jersey Hitmen site, suggested that there be a way to attach news articles to a game page. This can already be done, but, to Schwartz’s defense, it takes a bit of digging around the game page to find where to attach articles.

Product Marketing Manager Rob Bedeaux used screen shots to show how this works in response to Schwartz’s request in the Ideas Portal. We’ll expand on that here, showing how to bundle articles with all the other information available on game pages.


A look at how to link articles to game pages:

  1. Navigate to game page
  2. Attach an article
  3. The finished product

Navigate to game page

Log in with your Sport Ngin account. Toggle into Edit Mode. Navigate to the game page that has an article you want to attach to the game. Click on the Comments tab. Click the Attach Article button. Note: The location and look of the Edit switch varies depending on the Sitebuilder template.

Attach an article

Once you have hit the Attach Article button, you will now see a list of articles based on the tags selected. If you don't see the article or articles you want to attach to the game page listed, click the Show Tag Menu button and enable more tag options. Click the check box next to the articles you want linked to the game page and then hit the save button in the bottom right corner.

The finished product

Now, when viewers click the Comments tab, they will see links to articles you have attached to the game page above the comment stream.

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