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Manage more relationships with HubSpot CRM

By Andrea Hyduke, 06/29/16, 9:15AM CDT


Keep track of every contact using this free CRM software

As a Sport Ngin team administrator, you have the ability to keep track of all current member activity by using certain features of Registration, TeamCenter and even PowerPay. However, a lot of teams communicate with external parties throughout the year as well. It's common for organizations to contact local businesses about sponsorship opportunities or new local families about potential registration.

A resource that lets you oversee aspects of EVERY relationship can be beneficial for your organization.

The most efficient way to manage your relationships is through a customer relationship management system (CRM). HubSpot, one of the leading inbound marketing software platforms, offers a free CRM for anyone to use.


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Get Started

Go to

Register your team or organization for a HubSpot account by providing your email address and Sport Ngin website URL.

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Add Contacts

HubSpot allows for the mass importation of contacts into the CRM. This is the most efficient method of adding contacts, especially for your existing team members.

In order to grab contacts straight from your website, go to the Sport Ngin Registration tool and create a Registration Report. Select the appropriate fields and filters, and click 'Export to Excel (.csv)'.  

Then go to the 'contacts' tab of your HubSpot account, click on import contacts, and upload your csv file.

Another way to add contacts is by manual entry. This will be the most helpful method as you continue to gain more external relationships over time. 

Click the 'add contact' button, then enter your contact's email address and name.

Manage Relationships

Upon entering your new HubSpot account, watch the brief welcome tutorial for the CRM. This will help you get familiar with the platform and allow you to experiment with different features. Once all of your account preferences are set up, you will be ready to start managing all of your relationships. 

Learn More

Want more ways to track your relationships on the Sport Ngin platform? Contact a representative here

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