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Every Organization Should Offer Gear

By Rob Bedeaux, 06/16/16, 3:15PM CDT


Sport Ngin now has an integration within Sitebuilder with SquadLocker’s TeamLocker product

When it came time to fulfill your volunteer hours, you chose the gear and spiritwear role. It sounded simple enough. Get some T-shirts printed with your organization's logo on them and you’re done, right?

Not so fast. Whether it’s your association's first time selling gear and spiritwear or you are looking to do things differently, the varying number of items to sell to pick from and the vendors to choose from can be an overwhelming.

To simplify the purchasing process for parents and athletes, Sport Ngin now has an integration within Sitebuilder with SquadLocker's TeamLocker product. Using the new SquadLocker page element, parents can navigate to a store page integrated directly within your site allowing them the assurances that the gear is authorized by your organization.

Determine Where You Want Your Store

First step is to determine do you want to create your store for a single team or for your organization as a whole. This will help you decide where on your site to place the page. If you decided to create an organizational level store, our recommendation is to put the store in the top navigation. If it is going to be team specific, create it as a sub-page below the team page.

Add SquadLocker Page Element

Create a new general page on your site in the appropriate location and set the page status to disabled while you build out your store. 

Create Store

Set the container to be a single column and then choose 'Add Page Element' within the container. Scroll through the list of available page elements until you find the element labeled 'SquadLocker.' 

Once you select the page element, you have the option to add a header to the top of the page element as well as input the Store ID if you have already created a store. If no store exists, leave this field blank.

Login to SquadLocker and add your store items

Once you've added the page element, refresh the page. You will now see a new screen which allows you to finish creating your store. Follow the prompts provided by SquadLocker to walk you through creating an account, uploading your team logo, and selecting your apparel and spirit items.

Learn More

To learn more about SquadLocker and TeamLocker, you can check out their site for further details:

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