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Enhance your email marketing with MailChimp

By Andrea Hyduke, 06/15/16, 9:45AM CDT


MailChimp is great for any organization and easily integrates with Sitebuilder.

Sport Ngin makes it easy to send messages to your teams, registered athletes, parents, coaches, and managers. However, if you want to create a newsletter, build an announcements list, or get deeper into email marketing, you’ll find yourself wanting a more robust emailing solution. MailChimp is a great system (we use it for our U.S. Pond Hockey Championships) and it’s free to get started and use.


MailChimp is an email marketing software (EMS) that offers the ‘Forever Free’ plan to smaller-budget orgs. This subscription allows you to create mailing lists, send-out bulk email campaigns, and track data insights to better understand the needs of your audience. This will work great for many of the organizations who use Sport Ngin.

Read more about the features and benefits attached to the ‘Forever Free’ plan.

Get Started

Go to


Create a MailChimp account with an email address, username and password for your organization. 

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Create a List

There are two separate ways to create a list of people or 'subscribers' for your email campaigns.

The first is by manually entering each subscriber to the list.

The second is by importing an existing list of subscribers from a separate document or database. 

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Add Signup Widget to Your Site Via Code

Embedding a signup form allows voluntary subscription to your email campaigns and subsequently, addition to an existing list. 

The first step in this process is to click the 'Signup forms' tab and select 'Embedded forms'.

Secondly, copy the provided coding for the signup form and paste it onto your Sport Ngin website.

Make sure to double check that the form appears on your site and is working properly. 

Add Signup Widget to Your Site Via API Key

Another way to embed a widget in your site for voluntary subscription, is by using an API key.

The first step for this method is to create a new page element on your site, and select ‘MailChimp List Subscription Form’.

Then create a title for your form and click on ‘MailChimp API Dashboard’.

Copy the provided API key and paste it in your new page element on your site. After this is complete, select which mailing list you would like the form to be connected to, and click ‘Create This Page Element’.

Make sure to double check that the form appears on your site and is working properly.

Reach Your Audience

Once your account is up and running with a subscriber list; creating the actual email campaigns is a breeze with MailChimp’s pre-made templates and ‘how-to’ guide for navigating the platform. Customize to the needs of your audience, and send-out!

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