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Mirrors make it easy to create custom footers

By Loren Nelson, 05/25/16, 1:30AM CDT


Layout containers can be copied and placed throughout a site 

Blue Star Lacrosse features a veteran staff with years of high-level experience developing lacrosse players.

But all those years of running camps and clinics and coaching box lacrosse and travel all-star teams don’t necessarily translate to great search engine results. Not for the New Jersey-based organization -- or any organization -- that has been up and running for less than a year.

Bryan Hopper, Blue Star’s director and web guru, admits to be “obsessed” with maximizing the effectiveness of the organization’s website through the use of Facebook and Google ads, among other tactics. Search engine optimization is another of Hopper’s fixations, and he’s devised a simple way he hopes to help Blue Star get noticed by the Googlebots.

While there’s been much debate over the years about the effectiveness of footers when trying to boost SEO, Hopper is giving it a try on the Blue Star site using mirrored layout containers.

Several Sport Ngin webmasters use the same technique as an easy way to duplicate text, links, graphics and images throughout their sites.

Mark Clark, webmaster of the Jr. Wolves Football site based out of Crystal Lake, Illinois, uses a mirrored layout container with a photo as a footer throughout the site. The Join the Pack graphic, loaded as a photo element, serves as a link to the site’s Registration landing page.


Examples of mirrored layout containers


A look at how to mirror layout containers throughout a site:

  1. Mirror a layout container
  2. Load mirrored layout container
  3. Confirm that layout container has been mirrored successfully

Mirror a layout container

Log in with your Sport Ngin account. Toggle into Edit Mode. Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the layout container you want to mirror. Choose the Mirror link from the dropdown. On the following pop up, click the Add To My Mirrors button. Note: The location and look of the Edit switch varies depending on the Sitebuilder template.

Load mirrored layout container

Navigate to the page you want to add the mirrored container. Click the Add Layout Container button at the top of the page. Choose the layout container you want to add to the page. Mirrors options are listed with the most recent mirrored container at the top.

Confirm that layout container has been mirrored

Once the layout container has been mirrored to a page, a message will appear at the top of the page that the layout container has been created successfully. The mirrored layout container will be labeled as such in the upper left corner. There will also be angled lines in the background of the container to denote it is a mirrored container. Note: An easier way to place footers at the bottom of pages is to include the mirrored page element in page templates. When a new page is created, the footer will automatically appear as part of the template.

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