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Keeping track of team messages

By Loren Nelson, 06/08/16, 1:45AM CDT


Groups page shows full list of all messages sent to a team

A jersey was left behind at the field. All games for the day have been canceled. There’s a possible scrimmage next Friday, who’s interested? Times and locations for this weekend’s games have changed. Mouthguard fittings have gone awry.

For coaches, managers and anyone else in charge of team communications, the messages can flow as nonstop as water over Niagara Falls. Keeping everyone in the loop is a difficult task, one made easier by SportsEngine’s team management tools.

One of those tools can be especially handy to track who has sent which messages to whom. Can’t remember if that Volunteers Needed message has been sent? No problem. All messages sent to a team, or even a group within the team, can be checked at any time.


  1. Navigate to your team's Groups page
  2. See the list of messages sent to a group
  3. View individual messages

Navigate to your team's Groups page

Log in with your Sport Ngin account. Toggle into Edit Mode. Navigate to your team's page. Click on the Admin tab. Choose the Groups option. Note: The location and look of the Edit switch varies depending on the Sitebuilder template.

See the list of messages sent to a group

You now have access to any groups associated with your team (most often, the default will be the team's roster). Click on the Messages tab to see all the messages sent to a group. Note: You can create new groups by clicking the Create New Group link at the top of the page, then choose which one you want to view by using the Select Group dropdown.

View individual messages

Click on the link to any message in the Subject column to view the entire message.

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