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Basketball served up southern style

By Loren Nelson, 05/09/16, 1:45AM CDT


Leslie Toole's Delta Report blankets the mid-south with girls' basketball scouting coverage

Webmaster of the Week: May 9-15


Leslie Toole


Delta Report Scouting Services, Big Foot Training Academy


Founder, owner, director, webmaster

Use of platform:

Registration, Sitebuilder


Toole was a multisport athlete growing up in Saginaw, Michigan. Football was his favorite sport, but he also was a varsity basketball player at Saginaw Buena Vista High School. He played football for three years at Saginaw Valley State University and said he had no intention of being a basketball coach and player evaluator after college. He was working as an assistant coaching college football and, as part of the job, required to do community service in the summer. Toole said he showed up at a Saginaw community center where he was told there was a need for a girls’ basketball coach. He’s been heavily involved in hoops ever since, heading south to Mississippi five years ago and founding Delta Report Scouting Services and Big Foot Training Academy.

What he does:

Toole is based in Vicksburg, Mississippi, but spends much of his time on the road scouting players or, in the summer, coaching his teams at weekend tournaments. He said he travels as far east as Georgia, as far west as Texas and as far north as Kentucky to scout top high school players in his mid-south region. “During the high school season I go to games at least three days out of the week,” Toole said, adding that he also keeps an eye on future high school talent by regularly attending middle school games. Toole said he was using a, “hodgepodge collection of different websites and features” before switching to the Delta Report to the Sport Ngin platform in February. Player information is entered in the Registration database and then displayed on individual player pages through Survey Reports. Toole uses Paywall functionality to limit player pages and rankings information to subscribers, most of whom are college coaches. The Big Foot Training Academy site launched this spring and offers information on all the training sessions available to both boys and girls.

Making his mark:

On the Delta Reports site Toole has created Tip Sheet and Stud Finder categories for his scouting reports. The Tip Sheet is intended to be a tease to the more in-depth exclusive reports from games and tournaments while the Stud Finder is a short update on players who might be overlooked by recruiters.

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