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Display select registration info with a few clicks

By Loren Nelson, 04/13/16, 1:00AM CDT


Slice, dice and display online registration data by using the Survey Reports page element

Old fashioned registration – we’re talking pencil and paper and lots and lots of data entry – quickly is joining buggy whips, coal lanterns and phone booths in obscurity.

With online registration having emerged, thankfully, as the modern-day standard, there’s now an abundance of information within fingertips’ reach of an organization’s administrators. That savvy group is continually find ingenious ways to slice and dice portions of that data, sharing it when appropriate.

We head to the Pacific Northwest for a shining example of how to pull certain registration data into Sitebuilder’s Survey Report page element for public display. Seattle Elite Baseball uses Survey Reports to show which teams are coming to its tournaments. 

Because top teams typically attract top competition, those lists can be helpful in enticing more teams to join the event. College and pro scouts tracking elite players also find the information useful when setting their travel plans. The best part about Survey Reports is that they update automatically on your page. Create them once and you are done.

In another example of an organization using Survey Reports, the Hastings (Minn.) High School Show Choirs site pulls contact information for its members on a private page, then allows access to that page only to the organization's directors. 


Pulling information from a registration and displaying it in a Survey Report page element requires just a few simple steps:

  1. Choose Survey Report page element
  2. Select your Survey Report settings

Choose Survey Report page element

Log in with your Sport Ngin account. Toggle into Edit Mode. Determine where on the page you want to add a Survey Report, and click on the Add Page Element link. Select the Survey Report page element option.

Select your Survey Report settings

From the dropdown menu, select the desired registration session, then click the Select Survey button. Name your report in the Report Name field, then choose the number of entries that will be displayed per page in the Pagination Count dropdown. Determine what information you want displayed in the Fields section, then filter that information as desired. In this example, for Seattle Elite Baseball's 2016 Art Wright Tournament, the Team Name is selected and then filtered by Age Group. A separate Survey Report was then created for each of the tournament's age groups. In the CSV Fields section you can choose which fields you wish to make available in a downloadable CSV spreadsheet. Click the Create This Page Element when done choosing your settings. Note: Detail View Fields allows you to choose which fields you would like users to be able to select to view more detail on. Sort allows you to choose the order in which the fields will be displayed.

The finished product

Teams that have registered for Seattle Elite Baseball's Art Wright Memorial Day Tournament are displayed by age group neatly on the tournament landing page under a Who's Coming header.

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