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How to enable content search for your site

By Loren Nelson, 03/29/16, 11:00PM CDT


Follow these simple steps to create a custom Google content site search field 

As curators of content, webmasters are akin to librarians in that they are tasked with making every piece of digital content – articles, photos, videos, registrations and on and on – readily available within a click or two. 

The bigger the website, the tougher the job.

The main home page navigation, Call To Action page elements and site maps are among the tools available to guide viewers to the content they seek. 

Sometimes, though, it’s easiest just to ask for help. The digital version of the librarian sitting at the information desk is an internal search engine.

A custom Google content search is simple to add to any organization’s website, offering a convenient option for viewers on the hunt for a specific topic or page.

How it works

Setting up a custom Google content search is a simple process that requires getting custom search engine code for your site:

  1. Navigate to Google Content Search
  2. Create your custom Google site content code
  3. Edit your custom Google site content code
  4. Paste your code into the Google Content Search field

Navigate to Google Content Search

Make sure you are logged in and in edit mode. Click on the Admin Control Panel Link, then select Website Tools from the main menu. In the sub-menu below, select the Google Content Search option, then click the Add Google Content Search link below. Note: The location and look of the Admin Control Panel link varies depending on the Sitebuilder template.

Create your custom Google site content code

To get your custom Google site content code, go to Paste your site's URL in the "Sites to search field." Name your site's search engine in the "Name of the search engine" field. Click the Create button at the bottom of the page. On the next page, highlight and copy your code. Now that you've created your search engine, you must make a two edits for it to work properly.  

Edit your custom Google site content code

Now that you've selected the desired search engine in the dropdown in the left menu, click on the "Search features" link directly below. In the tabs at the top of the page, select Advanced on the far left. Click on "Websearch Settings" link, then type _self in the Link Target field. Click the Save button. In the left menu, click the "Look and feel" link. Click on the bottom graphic titled "Google hosted." Click the Save & Get Code button. Click inside the code field box to highlight all of the code, then copy it.

Paste your code into the Google Content Search field

Now that you have your site search code, head back to your Sport Ngin site and paste the code in the designated Script field in the Google Content Search pop up box.

The finished product

In this example, on the popular Itasca theme used by the Michigan Elite Volleyball Academy, the Google content search appears in the upper right corner, just below the Sport Ngin logo. Note: On the MEVA site, directly to the left of the site content search is a site page search that also can be enabled from the Admin Control Panel. Typically, organizations with a large number of team pages will use the page search functionality to help viewers quickly find a specific team page. 

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