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How to send emails with attachments

By Loren Nelson, 03/15/16, 9:15PM CDT


Learn how to use the Page Layout option when setting up to send messages

The website is built. The registration is complete. Team pages have been created. Schedules and rosters have been loaded.

Now it’s time to communicate to your organization’s membership.

Sport Ngin offers a variety of ways to both create specific groups to which you can to send messages and how to format and send those emails.

Few webmasters are better communicators than Andover (Minnesota) Baseball Communication Director Kelly Abbas, and one of our first Pro Tips highlighted the information-packed newsletters she sends out regularly to the organization’s 3,000 members.

Because of popular demand, we’re circling back to the same topic this week -- only with a tighter focus on simply sending emails with attachments from the Sport Ngin platform. The trick here is choosing the Page Layout option when creating your email, as we’ll detail in the steps below.


Below are the steps that show how to send an email with an attachment through the Sport Ngin platform:

  1. Navigate to Members or Registration
  2. Choose the group that will receive your message
  3. Select your email editor settings
  4. Compose your message
  5. Send your message

Navigate to Members or Registration

Make sure you are logged in and in edit mode. Click on the Admin Control Panel Link, then select Members from the main menu. In the sub-menu below, select the Member Directory options. Depending on how you have set up your groups, you can also choose Registration from the main menu, then Registrations from the sub-menu below,  Note: The location and look of the Admin Control Panel link varies depending on the Sitebuilder template.

Choose the group that will receive your message

In this case, we are going to send a message to all Sport Ngin User Group members who aren't Sport Ngin employees. We created this group using filters, excluding all members with email addresses. Once you've selected your group, click the Send Message link.

Select your email editor settings

Choose the All option to send your message to everyone in the group you have selected. On the next screen, since you are sending an attachment, you need to chose the Page Layout option in the Editor field. Click the Continue to Compose Message link. Note: If you send many, similar emails, you can create a template so you don't have to start from scratch each time.

Compose your message

You can now create your email just as you would build a page in Sitebuilder using page elements. Choose the Document page element if you have an attachment you want to send. Give your document a title, then click the Choose File button to locate and load your document. Click the Create This Page Element. Once you have loaded your document, continue building your email using page elements.

Send your message

Once you have loaded your document, continue building your email using page elements. Click the Preview & Send Message button to see what your email looks like, then hit the Send Message when you have it ready to go.

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