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Multiple accounts can be linked to child's subprofile

By Loren Nelson, 03/08/16, 10:15PM CST


Both parents can receive emails, text messages from athlete's team

The situation: One child, two parents in separate households.

The question: Can both parents receive all messages sent to that child through the Sport Ngin plaftform?

The short answer: Yes.

The longer answer: This has been such a hot topic recently we’ve added multiple articles in our Help Center explaining how different stages of the player linking and messaging process works.

Basically, it’s just a matter of the parent first linked to the child’s account linking another account to that child. We'll also show how that new account, or any account, can receive text messages associated with the child's team.


Below are the quick, easy steps involved in linking another account to your child's subprofile, then setting up the account to receive text messages:

  1. Navigate to your Sport Ngin account
  2. Find your child's subprofile
  3. Go to Linked Accounts section
  4. Send an invitation
  5. Become a member of a site
  6. Enable text messaging

Navigate to your SportsEngine account

First, go to your organization's Sport Ngin website. Login using your Sport Ngin username and password. Click the dropdown list next to your username and select Household. 

Find your child's subprofile

In the left navigation, under Household, click on your child's name to go to his or her subprofile page.

Go to Linked Accounts section

At the bottom left of your child's subprofile page you will see a Linked Accounts section. Click the Add button.

Send an invitation

Enter the email address for the person you would like to link to the account and click Send Invitation. Until the user accepts the invitation, it will display Pending Acceptance next to their name in the Linked Accounts section. Note: If you would like to CC an email address not tied to a Sport Ngin account, you can add a secondary email address to your account by clicking add a secondary email address.

Become a member of a site

The newly linked account can now receive text notifications, but first the parent must become a member of that child's website and then opt in to receive text messages. To become a member of a website, click the Become a Member link in the upper left corner of the page. Select the profile you would like to add to the membership and click the check box. Then select the Update Membership for Selected Profiles link at the bottom.

Enable text messaging

As a member of the site, you can now add your mobile phone number to your profile and enable text notifications to be sent. Click on your profile name on the top left of the page, then click Account Settings from the profile dropdown list. Under Notification Settings, click the checkbox next to the team for which you want to receive text notifications.

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