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Scheduling doesn't have to be dizzying project

By Loren Nelson, 02/17/16, 12:15AM CST


Sportengine's template, upload tool take the hassle, pain out of the process

The role is often labeled “scheduler”, and it can be painstakingly difficult, depending on the size of the organization and the technology it is using.

Dozens, and sometimes hundreds, of teams can mean thousands of games. All at multiple venues, many with day and time restrictions. Tracked, in some cases, by nothing more than pencil and paper.

It’s enough to put a volunteers’ head into a permanent, dizzying spin.

Sport Ngin helps ease the pain of the process with its Schedule Upload Template and Schedule Upload Tool. Used together, the tools make it easy to load mass quantities of games with a few, simple keystrokes. 

The key is to get the template set up properly. Even the smallest of mistakes in any of the various fields can lead to import errors. Case in point, a recent inquiry in the Community Forum where a scheduler couldn’t figure out why games weren’t showing up properly on each team’s schedule.

Here’s the dilemma: “The Scheduler has added Games to the Team Calendar. However, the Games are not showing up on the Team Schedule. When I, as team manager, add a Game through the Game Schedule, they show up of course, but we cannot get the Games from the master calendar set up by the Scheduler over to the Team Schedule. I do not want to duplicate the Scheduler's efforts and would appreciate any suggestions or assistance.”

This turned out to be a simple labeling error in the “event_type” field. Instead of games being listed as “game”, they were entered as “Home Game” or “Away Game”. 

We also found errors in how the tags were being used. Pages on any site can be given a Mapping Code, and that number can then be used in the Schedule Upload Template, ensuring events show up on calendars created on those pages.


Instead of detailing every step in the schedule upload process, here's a list of outstanding how-to articles (with links to videos) available in our Help Desk:

  1. What is the Sport Ngin Schedule Upload template?
  2. How do I import a file with the Schedule Upload tool?
  3. Schedule Upload troubleshooting
  4. Scheduling for a single team [Video]

Upload Template

The Sport Ngin schedule upload file format allows you to mass import events into your website and also update events after an import has been completed. Note: Sport Ngin accepts file formats for importing a file into your website from Legacy MaxSolutions, Schedulewerks (Puck Systems), and Diamond Scheduler file export format.

Schedule upload tool

The Schedule Upload tool located within the Website Tools section of your Admin Control Panel, accepts two types of file formats for importing a file into your website.


Some files can take several minutes to finish.  If your file says it's still processing please DO NOT try a new upload.  Even if you try to cancel your upload, it is still processing in the background and will result in duplicate events.

Single team scheduling

Watch the on-demand video to learn how to set up the schedule for your team.

Learn More

Determine the best scheduling solution your organization by scheduling a chat with a Sport Ngin expert through our Get Started form:

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