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Use email templates to share team management info

By Loren Nelson, 02/09/16, 10:15PM CST


Variety of template options offer quick, easy way to communicate vital information with parents and coaches

Sharing information never has been easier. Or more complicated.

The telegraph gave way to land line telephones which begat cell phones. There’s text messaging, instant messaging, Skype, Snapchat, Periscope and many, many more options in an endless array of communication-based devices, software and apps.

The technology is changing and evolving so quickly, it’s hard to know when to use which app, much less what they all do.

Thankfully, for youth sports administrators, webmasters and communications officers – and the coaches, parents and athletes they serve – sending messages through the Sport Ngin platform is more simple than ever. And we’re not just talking about all of the team messaging tools.

A series of new email templates have been created to help administrators share information on how to use the Sport Ngin mobile app and team management features. Think of the templates as pre-made communication on how best to, well, communicate.

How it works

The templates, which provide how-to information and links, are available through the Admin Control Panel (under Website Tools) for all new sites. For existing sites, if the new email templates don’t appear in the templates list, contact your account manager to have them turned on and available.

Navigate to Website Tools

Make sure you are logged in and in edit mode. Click on the Admin Control Panel Link, then select Website Tools from the main menu. Note: The location and look of the Admin Control Panel link varies depending on the Sitebuilder template.

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Check to ensure your email templates are ready to go

Choose Templates in the sub-menu under Website Tools. The next page defaults to the Content Templates tab, and you should see the four pre-built email templates (among others) that can be sent to coaches and parents explaining how messaging and the mobile app works. If those email templates don't appear, contact your account manager to have them set up.

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Send the email to a specific group

Now that you have ensured the email templates are available, click on Registration in the main Control Panel navigation. Choose a registration session from the menu. Choose the Saved Reports tab for that registration. Note: To learn how to create Saved Reports from a registration session, read this Help Center article: How do I create a report, filter, and sort data from the Registration Report?

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Choose your email template

Now that you have selected the group that is going to receive the email, it's time to send the message. Choose the Send Message link from the upper right corner of the registration report page. Chose the All option from the Select Message Recipients dropdown. In the next pop up window, chose Page Layout in the Editor and then select the template option you want in the Top Template field. Click the Continue to Compose Message button at the bottom of the window.

Give your email a title

Now you can edit your email. To fill in the subject line, click on the Edit Message Settings link. You can now fill in the subject line with the desired name of your message. Note: The name of your organization automatically is loaded into the email.

Add your logo

Edit your email just as you would any text block in Sitebuilder. Click on the gear icon at the upper right corner of the text block, then click on the Edit link. Click the Choose File button in the Image field.

Step 7: Add sponsor info

If you choose a template with sponsor information, you can edit the code and photo placeholders at the bottom of the page.

Preview your email

Click the Preview and Send Message link at the bottom of the page. Preview your email in the Email Preview popup box. Click the Send Message button at the bottom.

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