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Tab Element helps organize content

By Loren Nelson, 02/02/16, 12:45PM CST


Sometimes overlooked Page Element helps viewers quickly sort through a site's content

The biggest challenge, or “area of opportunity” to phrase it even more gently, for many organizations is to identify, create and post interesting, timely and informative content.

We preach the power of content here all the time – content, content, content – and regularly give examples of organizations doing an outstanding job with content creation. More than anything, this comes down to having a content-centric mindset. Everything that happens within the organization has the potential to be a story, even if it is a few sentences and a photograph.

A new coach is hired? Post an article. Facilities are upgraded? Post an article. A team wins a tournament? Post an article. A fundraiser goes off without a hitch? Post an article.

Here are some more examples:

Once a steady stream of content is being created, the next big challenge is to organize it in the most viewer-friendly possible. This is where the Tab Element can be exceedingly useful.

League sites such as the Midwest Professional Basketball Association produce so much regular content they rely heavily on tabs to divide the information in multiple categories (see image below).

The National Collegiate Hockey Conference also uses the Tab Element to organize and display its abundance of content.

How it works

Listed under Sitebuilder’s menu of Page Elements, the Tab Element is often underutilized as a way to organize and display content. The Tab Element is powerful in that it allows for large amounts of content to be organized under separate headers in linear fashion. Then it's simply accessed with a click of button. This is opposed to dumping all the content on a single page and forcing viewers to scroll endlessly.

Decide where you want to use the Tab Element

Make sure you are logged in and in Edit Mode. Navigate to the area on the page where you want the Tab Element to appear. Click Add Page Element then choose Tab Element from the list of options.

Choose the Tab Element from the list of Page Elements.

Setting up the Tab Element

Decide how many tabs you want to use up to a maximum of eight. Add tabs by clicking on the green Add a tab link. Remove tabs by clicking on the red Remove link. Fill out the title field for each tab, then determine the how many columns you want and how they are configured for each tab. Click the Create this Page Element link at the bottom when you are done.

Add as many as eight tabs, each of which can be configured to a custom number of columns and column widths.

Adding content to the tabs

The process for adding content inside a Tab Element is the same as anywhere else on Sitebuilder. Just click the Add Page Element link, choose the Page Element you want to use and then place your content. The process is repeated for each tab.

Place content inside a Tab Element just as you would on any Sitebuilder page.

Changing the order of the tabs

Once the Tab Element has initially been saved, the order of the tabs can be changed by clicking on the up and down links.

Change the order of the tabs at any time.

The Finished Product

Learn More

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