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OMHA kids give a lesson in respect [Video]

By Al Buczkowski, 01/27/16, 1:15PM CST


Video series is latest in hockey association's effort to encourage positive behavior

Parents, the kids have been listening. And now they have something to say.

Namely, just relax and enjoy the game. They’re trying their best. And while you're at it, lay off the refs. They've got a tough gig. 

In the first of a series of PSAs released by the Ontario Minor Hockey Association, youngsters share how it makes them feel to hear parents blow their tops over a missed play or a blown call.

“I think if a ref makes a bad call, he knows it…so, there’s no point in yelling at him,” says one player.

“If you don’t have respect, then it’s just not as fun,” reminds another.

Produced in partnership with Respect Group Inc., the "Respect in Hockey" video series continues "to shape the organization’s stance to grow and maintain respect in hockey and build on the Respect initiatives already launched" according to a statement released by OMHA.

“Listening to what our kids have to say is important and we need to hear them," says Mark Allen, the Ontario director of Respect in Sports.

Learn more about OMHA's "Respect in Hocky" initiative in their full statement


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