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Default tags can be set for calendars

By Loren Nelson, 01/26/16, 11:30AM CST


Choose what events viewers will see when they first land on the Calendar page

Events are the building blocks of most every sports organization. Practices, scrimmages, games, board meetings, parents’ meetings – every one of them and more fit in the all-important “events” bucket.

Communicating those events is crucial. Thus, all Sport Ngin sites, by default, come with Calendar pages. Events can be added and edited or deleted from the calendar. By using the tag menu, events can be associated with team pages or any other pages on the site.

Viewers can filter events by choosing the combination of tags that is pertinent to them (only selecting their children’s teams, as an example). The Las Vegas Baseball Academy has gone so far as to create a video tutorial on not only how to use the calendar but to access it on a home computer, iPhone, iPad and other devices.

Recently, a question about calendar functionality titled, “I’ve posted Calendar events, but no one can see them!” popped into our Community Forum. The question, at it’s essence: “… Is there a way for me (as a webmaster) to set the site so that visitors to the site automatically have all tags selected?”

The answer: Yes!

As Sport Ngin product marketing manager Rob Bedeaux showed in his answer in the forum, there is, indeed, a way to set default tags for calendars in the Admin Control Panel.

How it works

On many Sport Ngin sites, we click on the Calendar page only to see that nothing, seemingly, is scheduled even though the organization is in the midst of its busiest period. This can be confusion for newcomers who are unfamiliar with the tagging system that offers viewers the ability to choose only the tags associated with the events in which they are interested.   

Navigate to the Admin Control Panel

Make sure you are logged in and in Edit Mode. Navigate to Admin Control Panel by clicking on the Admin icon. Where you find the icon depends on the Sitebuilder template you are using (see images below).

Choose the Website Settings tab

Once you have navigated to the Admin Control Panel, click on the Website Settings tab in the top navigation (see image below).

Choose the Set Default Tags link

Click on the Set Default Tags link under the Website Settings tab. Click on the Set Default Tags button.

Choose and set Default Tags

Go through the tag menu and choose the default tags for your calendar. Our recommendation is to either choose all of the organization's major events by selecting the associated tags one by one or to simply choose the Select All Tags button. Once you have your tags set, click the Save Default Tags button at the bottom (see image below).

The finished product

Pictured below is the main Calendar page for the Farmington Youth Hockey Association. The site has one default tag (Association Events) set for the calendar. All events with the Association Events tag appear in the main calendar.

Learn More

Read our Help Center post about setting up and managing a Calendar Page:

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