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Magic of Mirrors page element has no bounds

By Loren Nelson, 01/19/16, 2:00PM CST


Several organizations take advantage of mirroring entire team pages from separate but related sites

Mark Clark has a programming background and natural curiosity, a magical mix when it comes to maximizing the Sport Ngin platform.

When members of the Sport Ngin User Group gathered in Chicago in September, Clark gave a show-stopping presentation of the work he has done on the Crystal Lake-area Junior Wolves Football and Cheerleading site. He focused mostly on showing the many ways he uses the Mirrors page element, calling it one of the most overlooked but effective tools available in the Sitebuilder arsenal.

How right he is. While individual page elements can be mirrored (copied) not only on pages throughout a site, they can also be mirrored anywhere on the Sport Ngin platform. When the original page element is updated, any mirror of the same element updates automatically.

Taking mirrors to another level, entire pages can be mirrored to any Sport Ngin site. This has been a particularly popular feature for high school sites in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Southern California.

Why those three areas?

In Minnesota, the Star Tribune’s network of high school Hub sites feature a comprehensive collection of rosters, schedules and statistics for every team in the state for every major sport. The same goes for Wisconsin, where the Wisconsin Sports Network is the go-to source for all-encompassing high school sports coverage. In Southern California, the San Diego Union-Tribune’s U-T Preps website boasts in-depth coverage, including decked-out team pages, for every major high school sports team in sprawling San Diego county.

More and more high school athletic departments and teams with Sport Ngin sites are mirroring pages from those three sites, among others that cover entire states or regions, as a way to get instant, high-level content and avoid duplicate data entry. The larger sites get more exposure and pageviews along with closer relationships with the teams they cover.

Win, win!

Below, we show three examples of mirrored team pages from other Sport Ngin sites.

Brookfield East boys' basketball page on Wisconsin Sports Network

Mirrored Brookfield East boys' basketball page on Brookfield East High School athletics site

Roseau boys' hockey page on Minnesota Hockey Hub

Mirrored Roseau boys' hockey page on Roseau Rams High School Hockey site

Carlsbad football page on San Diego Union-Tribune U-T Preps site 

Mirrored Carlsbad football page on Carlsbad Lancer Football site

How it works

Mirroring a page from one site to another is a simple process. However, this can only be done by an administrator with webmaster access to BOTH sites. In some cases, a Sport Ngin account manager handles this task with approval from both organizations. In this example, we'll show how the Roseau boys' hockey page was mirrored from the Minnesota Hockey Hub.

Navigate to team page

Make sure you are logged in. Navigate to the team page you want to mirror (see image below).  

Add page to mirrors

Make sure you are in edit mode. Click on the Admin tab, then select Options from the dropdown. Select Add to Mirrors. Click the Add to My Mirrors button from the popup window (see images below).

Prepare to add mirrored page

Go to your organization's site. Log in. Navigate to the location the team page will be placed. Make sure you are in edit mode. Select Add New Page.

Add mirrored page

Select the Mirror option when adding a new page. Select the page you want to mirror (see images below).

The finished product

Note that the mirrored page adopts all of the custom style and design options that are native to the Roseau Rams site (see image below).

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