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Rewards can make registration fun

By SportsEngine, 08/23/15, 10:45PM CDT


Make a mundane task something to look forward to by offering discounts and deals

One way to make your online registration process more rewarding for parents and athletes is to actually reward them. Offer everyone who completes a registration a reward at the end.

Since we were children, most of us have been trained to enjoy a reward for our efforts. Grandma gave us a cookie when we behaved. Santa delivered gifts if we were good all year. Mom and Dad gave us an allowance for finishing our chores. Let’s face it; getting a treat after doing something we need to do anyway makes a mundane task more fun.


It should be pretty easy to add a printable coupon on the thank you page of your online registration. Plus, there should be a few local sponsors that would enjoy exposure to all the families registering with your organization.

Here are a few suggestions for rewards:

  • Sporting goods store discount - during registration, purchasing this season’s sports equipment is top of mind with parents and athletes.
  • Restaurant deal - a lot of organizations have their favorite restaurant to meet at; how about offering a coupon to make it a little easier for a family to have a fun night out.
  • Grocery store coupon - make the next tailgate party easier with a deal on food and drinks.


On the first page of your online registration (or even the homepage of your website), promote the reward that’s waiting to be unlocked at the end of registration. This will incentivize folks to register now instead of later. Plus, people like to work toward a goal even if it’s something as simple as pizza and root beer with the family.

Do what Grandma did. Give them a “cookie.”

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