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News Article Expiration among June releases

By Loren Nelson, 07/07/15, 4:45PM CDT


Much-requested feature allows webmasters to set date to expire articles

Mixed among Sport Ngin’s plethora of June product and feature releases is News Article Expiration, which, as the title suggests, allows webmasters and admins to set an expiration date for content when it is no longer relevant. 

This feature has been requested countless times in casual conversations with clients and undoubtedly ranked among the top-10 most-wanted on the platform. 

Here’s a Help Center tutorial that shows how to add a News Article to a website (Step 5 shows how to set the expiration date).

Articles that focus on single events, such as a specific registration deadline or an upcoming tournament, are among the most common examples of those that could benefit from an expiration date. Before this change, webmasters had to change the status of an article back to draft or delete it if they no longer wanted it to appear. 

More June releases

  • Content Templates can now be fixed to the top or bottom of a page, or in both locations, through a new template alignment feature. Here’s an on-demand video that shows how it works.
  • Several changes have been made in the way standings are displayed and calculated. Points can now be awarded in 1/2-point increments when using extended custom points. Also, a points-remaining column has been added to the standings table for custom points. This allows viewers to see if there are enough points remaining in the season for a certain team to clinch a certain place. Admins can now define, at the game level, how many standings points can be earned for specific games. A games remaining category is now available in the standings table as well. Help Center article: What do the Custom Points Standings options mean?
  • The Edit Game Details page was reorganized. Some options that aren't always used were moved to collapsed sections.
  • Youtube changed its default URL format to, which Sport Ngin’s application previously flagged as an invalid YouTube URL. Videos can now be created using the old ( or new style URL. Help Center article: What is the Video Page Element?
  • Auto Tweet functionality was previously set to use Sport Ngin’s Long Name designation for teams and leagues instead of the Short Name designation. Tweets were getting cut off when the team name pushed the tweet length longer than 140 characters. Tweets will now use the short name if the length would use more than 140 characters. Create a team with a long name and send out an auto tweet. You should see it use the short name instead. Help Center article: How do I use the Auto Tweet feature?
  • Facebook retired the old 'Like Box' option, replacing it with a Facebook Page plugin. This carries over the main features of the old functionality except for a colored banner on the display - instead it now supports your Facebook cover photo. Help Center article: What is the Facebook Element?
  • When using Registration, you can now go back after making a change in mass edit mode. Also, Registration Surveys are now sorted alphabetically.
  • Shortcut key entry on plays and filters were added to the scoring and stats entry on Tourney. Team IDs can also be created.

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