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Using social media to promote your website

By Alec Kinsky, Basketball Community Manager, 06/18/15, 8:30PM CDT


Twitter is one of the best online marketing tools you can use to increase exposure to your website

Maximizing the value of your website is one of the most important aspects of being a webmaster. You work tirelessly to develop, manage and maintain a website that does you and your organization proud.

One of your responsibilities as a webmaster is increasing the visibility and reach of the content you create. There are many communication portals available to help you reach your core audience, including one of the fastest-growing mediums on the planet: social media.

Today, a dedicated social media presence and implementing the proper marketing tactics are crucial to increasing exposure to your website.

Sport Ngin experienced tremendous results employing this strategy when we used the power of social media to develop our biggest basketball property:

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Sport Ngin Community Manager Alec Kinsky

Less than three years ago, I was tasked with growing Sport Ngin’s visibility in the youth basketball landscape. After rigorous game planning, my team and I settled on providing media coverage of the Nike Elite Youth Basketball League. Consisting of 40 all-star teams scattered across United States, the Nike EYBL is one of the premier basketball showcases for North America's top high school juniors and sophomores.

Our coverage of Nike EYBL gave us an opportunity to show the market how easy it is creating content using the Sport Ngin platform, and Twitter was the perfect marketing tool because of how quickly it allowed us to reach our target audience. Click here to check out the D1 Circuit Twitter page

Gearing up for our launch, we quickly realized that - aside from email - Twitter would be our best chance of effectively reaching our target market. Just about every Nike EYBL team and player had a Twitter account, so our goal was to include their usernames in every tweet pertaining to them. 

Instead of waiting for our target consumers to find the site, we allowed Twitter to bring the content straight to them - with a link back to our website in every tweet.

This tweet included the player's Twitter handle (@The Real_HG3) and a link to the article ( on the D1 Circuit website.

With the site being brand new, we took a very aggressive approach on Twitter hoping to catapult our way into the basketball mainstream.

Stats, scores, news, video - you name it, we tweeted it. The goal of each Twitter post was to have the player or team retweet our tweet, spreading our message to their Twitter followers.

Above: The original tweet from D1 Circuit. Below: The retweet.

Our Twitter following rapidly grew with the retweets, making more visible. Ultimately, we utilized the players' and teams' retweets to do our marketing for us.

Along with tagging the specific player and his team in a tweet, we made sure our posts followed a consistent format to help give a high level of professionalism. Every statistical tweet is uniform, allowing us to treat every player with the same importance while providing a steady flow of content to our growing fanbase.

These four tweets from D1 Circuit contain different information but follow a similar format.

Twitter's limit of 140 characters per tweet isn’t much to work with, so developing the most optimal post for every situation was a process. But with practice, we found a method to creating effective tweets.

We had just over 2,000 followers after the first year. But using the tactics described above for nearly three years, we now have more than 28,000 followers. In a nutshell, Twitter allowed us to rapidly gain exposure in our market.

Click image to check out D1 Circuit's Twitter page

Your website is likely full of interesting, compelling information. With a dedicated social media strategy, your organization - no matter its size -  can achieve increased exposure.

The goal of your website is to promote your brand, and Twitter has proven to be one of the most valuable free marketing tools on the Internet.  

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