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Media Slider page element released for Sitebuilder

By Loren Nelson, 06/03/15, 11:30AM CDT


Easily add links to specialized content such as videos, photo galleries and multimedia projects

News and event aggregators are as crucial to most websites as seats to a car.  

Far from luxury items, those page elements are standard options used for listing and organizing current news and upcoming events. They are cornerstones to any site with regularly updated content. 

But what about that awesome training or informational video posted deep inside the site? Or that photo gallery from your big event last winter? Or that project that took months to complete and remains relevant years later?

Some media elements just don’t fit in the daily churn of information that is the lifeblood of a news or event aggregator. Special content deserves special treatment, especially on your homepage.

Previously, there was no simple way to showcase that specialized content in an attractive, dynamic fashion. That’s changed with the recent addition of Sport Ngin’s Media Slider page element.

How it works

Decide where on your site you want to place a Media Slider, then select it from the list of page elements (as of this writing, it's at the bottom of the list).

Step 2: You can now add a title and description to the Media Slider, as well as select from a variety of display controls. To get started, click the Add Slides button (see below).

Step 3: Make sure you have an image ready to go, then select and upload it. You can now add a Title, URL and Description that will be associated with that image. Click the "Create This Page Element" button at the bottom (see images below).

Step 4: Add another image, fill in the accompanying information fields and try using the different display settings. Click the "Save Changes" button at the bottom (see images below).

About the display settings

Aspect ratio: This allows you to have some control over the size and shape of the Media Slider, depending on the size and shape of the container you are using on your site. Standard gives a mostly square presentation, while Wide and Ultra-Wide provide a more horizontal look. It's important to note that, for an optimum display, all of the photos you are using in the slider should be cropped and sized to similar dimensions.


The order in which the slides are presented can be changed at any time simply by clicking anywhere on the block of information associated with the slide and dragging it up or down. Click the X in the upper right corner of the slide to delete it (see image below).

Image display: The Fill setting, as the label suggests, enlarges the photo as necessary to fill the frame of the slider. The Fit setting will shrink the photo, if needed, so it will appear in its uncropped entirety.

Text position: Allows you to choose where the Title and Description text appear in the slider.

Pagination style: Provides options for shape of the links, or buttons, that allow you to navigate from slide to slide. 

Pagination position: Gives the option to determine where the links to each slide appear in the display.

The Finished Product

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Learn More

To learn more about how to add a Media Slider to your website, schedule a chat with a Sport Ngin expert:

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