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Sitebuilder Workshop offers expert tips [video]

By SportsEngine, 05/01/15, 8:15PM CDT


Sport Ngin experts share best practices for maintaining websites, registration and risk managment

A Sitebuilder Workshop was held on April 30 at Sport Ngin headquarters in Minneapolis as part of the Sport Ngin User Group's ongoing series of free training sessions.

The workshop focused on getting websites prepared for the upcoming season by going through our pre-season tune up checklist. There were also sessions outling the best ways to utilize Registration and the common issues and best practices related to Risk Management.

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Preseason Website Tuneup

Tips, tricks and best practices to make sure your website is prepared for the upcoming season. 

Presented by: Ken McGinley, Senior Director of Customer Success at Sport Ngin


Risk Management

Is your risk management program set up to fully protect your organization and athletes? We discuss common issues and review best practices.

Presented by: Josh Opiola, National Risk Management Director at Sport Ngin


Online Registration

We discuss best practices and make sure you are using registration to it's full potential.

Presented by: David Urbaniak, Registration Expert at Sport Ngin


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