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For the Love of the Game

By SportsEngine, 05/06/15, 3:45PM CDT


Aspiring sports journalist Ameer Eldomiatti shares essay that explains his passion for sports

Ameer Eldomiatti

Editor's Note: Ameer Eldomiatti, a 19-year-old from Eagan, Minn., attended Sport Ngin's Sports Journalism 101 event held on March 23 at Sport Ngin headquarters in Minneapolis. Eldomiatti is a college student and aspiring sports journalist, and we asked him to keep us updated on his progress as a writer. He provided the following essay explaining his love for sports.

There’s 10 seconds left in the game. You have no timeouts left. Your favorite team is down by one measly point and has possession of that precious orange-colored ball.

If they can put that ball into that hoop, then they will win their most important game of the entire season, one that they have been preparing for since the beginning of training camp in September.

The ball is put into play from out of bounds, and a thing of beauty is sparked. In a matter of seconds, through a barrage of passing and dribbling, a beautiful shot is set up, and the shot goes in as the buzzer sounds. 

This is one of the reasons why I absolutely love sports.

Sports has affected me in numerous ways over my lifetime. Ever since I was born, I’ve been drawn physically to the sheer idea of sports. Understanding how basketball and football and baseball work. How the game is played, and what the rules are for playing. Little did I know that sports would be used as a tool in the future to escape from all the stresses of the world. 

I will admit, though, that sometimes I feel annoyed that I like sports so much. It gets annoying and irritating when your cranium is crammed stock full of stats and names and facts and information from every sport. But then I am happy that I am an expert on sports and not on something too serious like politics or diplomatic affairs. Sometimes, I need to relieve my stress with something as innocent or as sophomoric as sports. However, there is a true meaning behind this passionate love.

. . . when I have my bad days due to my limitations, I look to sports to pick me up and put me in a better frame of mind."

Ever since I was a young boy, I have always loved and appreciated sports. I appreciated its innocence and purity. Most of the time, when you turn on your televisions or surf on the web, you usually read stories about wars and economic strife and murders and dark affairs. You don’t get that with sports.

I have always felt that sports is an escape from reality. Whenever you have a bad day or something is eating at your mind, you can always turn on the television and sports will always be there, as a reliable companion. I have gone through a ton of ups and downs throughout my life, and I feel that sports are kind of my “safe haven” for when I am feeling down or depressed about something. Sports are always there for you, whether for better or for worse.

My favorite sport of all is basketball. According to my mother, on the day I was born, there was a basketball game on in the hospital room and she swears that she saw my eyes aiming at the television set.


Name: Ameer Eldomiatti | Age: 19 

Resides in: Eagan, Minn.

College: Freshman studying communications and history at Saint Paul College with plans to attend the University of Minnesota in the fall of 2017.

Interests: Sports, reading, history, music, writing, sports journalism.


Quickie Bio

Eldomiatti attended Eagan High School, where he wrote for the Eagan Independent, the school's student news source. Eldomiatti, a sports fanatic who is visually impaired and can no longer participate in team sports, uses his writing skills to stay connected to his passion.

As I grew older and was able to understand the rules and nuances of the game, I was in awe. Just the flawlessness of the game and how five guys on a team can work as one to reach their goals. Although I am in love with basketball, I quickly attached myself to other sports such as football and baseball. I researched all of the facts and the history of each game. I wanted to be knowledgeable about what I was witnessing. It became something I could be excited and passionate about without being too serious.

If you asked a hundred different sports fans why they love sports, you may get a hundred different reasons. People love games for their purity, their pace, their quirks, their proficiency, the drama, the excitement of the game. Part of what draws me to sports is the drama and the mystery of what is about to happen. Anything can happen in sports on any given night.

Part of what draws me to sports is the drama and the mystery of what is about to happen."

You might witness the greatest game in history. You might see a record that might never be broken again. You might see a flawless performance that can only be gotten on Broadway. You just never know when or where something amazing will occur. It takes you out of the mundane, unentertaining world that you live in and gives you a form of an alternate reality to occupy yourself with for three hours at a time when you feeling down in the dumps. It is a pick-me-up that is deemed necessary in the culture that we currently live in. 

So, you see, I don’t have very much vision. Over time, due to a genetic disorder, I have lost a massive amount of vision. I can no longer partake in competitive team sports. However, when I have my bad days due to my limitations, I look to sports to pick me up and put me in a better frame of mind. Sports gives me something to rid away the stresses and worries that I have and alleviates all of the negativity that exists in or surrounding my life.

Therefore, sports is something important to me, as it helps me feel good and gives me something positive and something to be excited about. It is an unpredictable and mystifying event that takes you to a faraway place for a couple of hours, and when you return to real life, you feel better about yourself. 

These reasons, and many more, are why I love sports.

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