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Browser Support for SportsEngine

By Jim Dahline, 04/21/15, 7:15AM CDT


Knowing which web browsers Sport Ngin supports will help you make sure you have the right tools to use Sport Ngin products.

The beauty about each and every SportsEngine product is that they are accessible from anywhere through a web browser. No matter where you are, you can make changes and updates through your computer, or in some cases, easily on your mobile phone.

However, with so many web browsers out there, and functional differences between the versions of each browser, we need to make sure that we code and test to a pre-determined list of browsers and versions. This allows us to build the latest technology at a faster pace and in a much more stable manner.

To protect your safety, we require you to use an updated browser. If you were directed to this page, you will need to update to one of the supported browsers below. After updating, you’ll be able to access your SportsEngine application.

Below, you'll find a list of the current browsers and their versions that we support. As a rule, we support the current version and the immediately preceding version. Since they are free to download, be sure that you have one of the supported versions to ensure your SportsEngine experience is as great as we have planned it to be.

Supported Browers



The great thing about Google Chrome is you don't have to worry about updating it once you've downloaded it. They push out automatic updates when one is available and you relaunch your browser.

At SportsEngine, we recommend Google Chrome for our users.



Like Chrome, with Firefox, you don't have to worry about updating it once you've downloaded it. It automatically pushes out updates when one is available and you relaunch your browser.



Safari comes bundled with Mac OSX. Unlike the Chrome or Firefox, you'll need to run your Mac App Store update to get the latest version.



If you are a Windows PC user, another browser option is Internet Explorer. Like Safari, you'll need to download updates when you are prompted by Windows Update

Jim Dahline

About Jim

Jim Dahline is Director of Marketing at SportsEngine. He is active with many customers and specifically with tournaments. He is on the planning committee for US Pond Hockey Championships, serves on the board as Sponsorship/Fundraising Coordinator for Edina Hockey, coaches 6U hockey, and coaches kindergarten soccer for Edina Soccer Association.

Jim is a strong supporter of the American Development Model (ADM) and has completed SafeSport (07/17), USA Hockey CEP Mite Modules (9/147), USA Hockey background screen (05/17).