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Big Update to Baseball and Softball Stats

By Jim Dahline, 04/20/15, 12:00PM CDT


Upgrades includes better box score summaries, pinch hitter support and extra innings displays

We've been working for months on a significant package of upgrades for our baseball and softball organizations who input stats for their games. The latest upgrades to League include several features (and fixes) that have been requested by many of our customers and we're thrilled that they are now available.

Full Release Feature List

  • You can now set and change the batting order including adding in a pinch hitter.
  • Added in the ability to add and display individual extra innings as needed.
  • Batter and player stats summary by player and type in the game box score.

Set and change batting order

Now, you can set and make changes to your batting order list. Instead of listing the players by jersey number, you can now add and move any player in the batting order list.

Additionally, you can now add and note a pinch hitter. The pinch hitter will show up as indented to note that they were a pinch hitter, in line with how pinch hitters are listed in traditional box scores.

Pinch Hitters

Pinch hitters are now indented in the batting order so you can easily see who was entered into the game as a pinch hitter and which player they replaced.

Extra Innings

You now have the ability to add in as many extra innings as you need to properly score your games.

Improved Boxscore Summaries

The summaries for batting, baserunning, fielding, and pitching have received big updates and will have your boxscores presented just like they are on the most popular sports websites.

Improved Pitching Summaries

Now, you can see the winning (and losing) pitchers easily with clear (W) and (L) indicators next to their names in the pitching section of the box score.

Training Video

Watch our training video on how to utilize these new features for your Sport Ngin website.

Jim Dahline

About Jim

Jim Dahline is Director of Marketing at SportsEngine. He is active with many customers and specifically with tournaments. He is on the planning committee for US Pond Hockey Championships, serves on the board as Sponsorship/Fundraising Coordinator for Edina Hockey, coaches 6U hockey, and coaches kindergarten soccer for Edina Soccer Association.

Jim is a strong supporter of the American Development Model (ADM) and has completed SafeSport (07/17), USA Hockey CEP Mite Modules (9/147), USA Hockey background screen (05/17).