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Tourney stats, new Sitebuilder elements released

By Jim Dahline, 04/20/15, 12:15PM CDT


Integrated hockey stats and new Sitebuilder widgets make Tourney and Sitebuilder the go-to combo

We're absolutely thrilled to share one of the largest product updates to Tourney that we've ever had. It's now available, first for hockey, to be followed shortly by others as we roll out new stat packages for other sports.

The ability to track stats previously required tournament coordinators to set up their tournament both in Tourney and League. This extra work was frustrating and took up extra time that volunteers just don't have. With these new features, managing your game play will only need to be done in Tourney, saving you a ton of time.

Full Release Feature List

Here are the new updates that we'll explain in more detail below:

  • New hockey stats package now available in Tourney
  • New Sitebuilder page elements widgets for Tourney
  • Sitebuilder game pages powered by Tourney

There are 90 new features or improvements that are now available. We'll review many of them in future articles but, for now, here are featured updates.

Hockey Stats Package in Tourney

The biggest update is the availability of stats in Tourney. The new stats package, available first for ice hockey, allows you to track and display stats for skaters and goalies. 

Complete hockey stats in Tourney

Scoring Plays in Tourney

Additionally, you can now input scoring plays and penalties for each game of your tournament. These will show up in game summaries.

Scoring Plays in Tourney

New Sitebuilder Elements Powered by Tourney

In addition to tracking stats and scoring plays, we've added six new page elements to Sitebuilder that are powered by Tourney. The new elements allow you to display Team Stats, Player Stats, Game Highlights, Game Lists (schedules), Player Stat Leaders and an all new Scoreboard Ribbon!

Six New Tourney Elements for Sitebuilder

New Sitebuilder Elements

Team Stats

Complete sortable team stats listing

player stats

Sortable individual player stats

Game List

Display a game list with links to game pages

Game Highlight

Select a featured game to display

Scoreboard Ribbon

Create a scoreboard to place anywhere

Player Stat Leader

Select a category to create a leader list

Sitebuilder Game Pages powered by Tourney

For each game in your game list or on your scoreboard ribbon, there is a corresponding game page automatically created on your Sitebuilder website. All stats, scoring plays and penalties are ready to immediately view.

Game pages powered by Tourney

Jim Dahline

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Jim is a strong supporter of the American Development Model (ADM) and has completed SafeSport (07/17).

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