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Standings can be manipulated multiple ways

By Loren Nelson, 04/09/15, 12:15PM CDT


Learn how to manually shuffle the order of teams as well as assign custom points to a league or game

There’s no such thing as a “common” way to compute standings. From sport to sport and league to league, there are as many variations in how points are calculated and teams are ordered as there are family recipes for meatloaf.

Every league, it seems, has some sort of calculation quirk that differentiates it from the rest. Over the years, we’ve included many of these varieties as options when setting up a league. Hockey, for example, has no less than nine standings types from which to choose (NHL Classic, NHL Classic with Fair Play Points, NHL Current, Pond Hockey, International, National Collegiate Hockey Conference, International Ice Hockey Federation Champioships, Single Seeded Elimination Bracket and Custom Points).


And, still, there are times when it is required to manually shuffle teams in the standings or assign custom points to a particular game despite the setup used for the league (more on assigning custom points below).

First, we’ll start with how to reorder teams in the standings. This came up recently with the Midwest Professional Basketball Association, which needed some tweaking of its standings to display the top two teams in the proper order.

With the playoffs looming, Steve Holloway, the MPBA’s Director of Information Technology, recently sent in a request to have the St. Louis RiverSharks and Bloomington Flex flipped in the standings. Both teams finished the season with 16-4 records, and the league management default is to place the teams in alphabetical order. However, the RiverSharks earned the No. 1 seed in the playoffs, and Holloway wanted the standings to reflect that.

No problem. We’ll show how that works, as well as how to assign custom points to a particular game.

How it Works: Manual Standings Override

This is a site setting that can't be accessed in the Admin Control Panel. Instead, it needs to be turned on by an Account Representative or Customer Service Representative. Just ask them to look for the Manual Standings Override option under site settings and then hit the Enable link.

Make sure you are logged in and in Edit mode.

Navigate to your league homepage, then click the Standings link at the top. You will now see a new column on the far right labeled Override. Each team will have a red minus button and green plus button underneath a numerical value in that column (see image below).

Plus or Minus

Simply click the plus or minus buttons to move teams up or down the list of teams. In this case, we clicked green plus button for the St. Louis RiverSharks to move them up one spot in the standings.

How it Works: Custom Standings Points

Unlike the Manual Standings Override option, this setting can be turned on and off within the site. Make sure you are logged in and in Edit mode, than navigate to the home page for your league. Click the Admin tab at the top of the page, then chose the Tool Settings option from the dropdown (see image below).

Standings Section

Scroll to the bottom of the Tool Settings page until you see the Standings section. Click the Custom Points radio button. You can now assign a specific value for Wins, Losses and Ties for all newly created games.
Note: Be sure to remember to hit the Save changes button after clicking the radio button.

How it Works: Custom Points for individual games

We have found it most useful to assign custom points on a game-by-game basis. For instance, certain games in certain conferences might be worth four total points, instead of the standard two, because the teams only play each other once instead of the usual home-and-home series. Now that the Custom Points radio button has been enabled, this can be accomplished by going to a specific Game Page.

Make sure you are logged in and in Edit mode. Navigate to the Game Schedule for your team, then click the Final button for the game that requires custom points (see image below).

Game Page

Now you are on the Game Page. In the upper right, click the Edit Game Details link (see image below).

Point Value

Assign the proper point value for the winning team and, if necessary, the losing team (see image below).

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