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How'd They Do That? USA Hockey Youth Nationals

By Jim Dahline, 04/20/15, 12:15PM CDT


See how USA Hockey used new features in Tourney and Sitebuilder during its premier event

USA Hockey Youth Nationals is one of the premier youth hockey events in the world.

Top teams from throughout the United States participate to crown national champions in multiple age groups. For the tournament this year, USA Hockey utilized the all new suite of Sitebuilder/Tourney integrated page elements, along with the all new Tourney stats features, to manage the tournament operations and share immediate results with fans and family.

We’ve been flooded with questions about how they set it up in Sitebuilder, and in this edition of “How’d They Do That?”, we’ll go through the step-by-step process so your hockey organization can do the same.

(We'll use the Tier I Youth 14U page for the example).

The features are part of the all new upgrades which brings native stats support to Tourney and new integrated page elements to Sitebuilder. These have been some of the most requested features to these two products to date, and we're thrilled that they passed the test with USA Hockey Youth Nationals with flying colors. The new features have three primary benefits:

  1. For tournaments using Tourney and Sitebuilder, there is no longer need to use League to create teams in Sitebuilder for the sole purpose of putting schedules on their website.
  2. League is no longer needed to manage stats for tournaments. 
  3. Native page elements make integration with Tourney and Sitebuilder much tighter and saves a ton of time.


New Sitebuilder page elements powered by Tourney

Scoreboard Ribbon Element

Scoreboard ribbons are used by most of the organizations on Sport Ngin. They are a great way to display game schedules and results. Ribbons have been available for years with League. Now the same ribbon can be powered from Tourney. USA Hockey placed the scoreboard ribbon at the top of its tournament page using the new Scoreboard Ribbon element. 

New Scoreboard Ribbon Element

Drive App Downloads with Link Element

USA Hockey uses Tourney Mobile to power its Youth Nationals iOS and Android apps. To drive app downloads, it uses the Link Element to direct page visitors to the app store link.

Link Element

Tab Element and Stats Leaders

In an effort to save space on the main webpage, but also make as much information available as possible, USA Hockey used the tab element to create sections for Stat Leaders, Game Schedule, Player Stats, Team Stats, Standings and Brackets.

After using Text Blocks and Page Dividers to format the stat leader headings, USA Hockey used the all new Player Stat Leader elements to display the stats that were entered directly into Tourney.

Stats Leader Element

Game Schedule Element

 A huge time saver, the new Game List element removes the need to use League to simply display game schedules and game pages. The data is now pulled directly from Tourney, and (as with League) clicking on the status button will direct you to the game page with game stats, plays, and final scores.

Game Schedule Element

Code Element to display Brackets

To display the brackets, USA Hockey used the code element and iframed in the bracket from the Tourney microsite. 

Code Element with iframe of Bracket from Tourney microsite

Feature Teams with Sitemap & Pages

To feature teams, and make team-specific information easy to find for parents and fans, USA Hockey built pages for each team and then used the Site Map Element to create a nice list of links directly to those page. On each page, the teams schedule, results and other information is quickly displayed.

Site Map Element 2 levels deep

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