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Eight simple ways to monetize your website

By SportsEngine, 03/20/15, 3:45PM CDT


Turn your site into a another revenue-driving weapon in your fundraising arsenal

Your website is at the center of it all. Stats, rosters, registrations, volunteer opportunities . . . it’s the one stop shop for fans, parents, and players to get all the latest info related to your organization. In fact, at this point, they probably don’t know how they’d get along without it.


Because it’s the quickest and easiest way for them to get their questions answered, 24/7. Picture the parent who wakes up at 1 a.m. in a panic . . . where are they going to get all the details on tomorrow’s tryouts they just remembered?

Well, that readily accessible and valuable information is exactly what makes your website attractive to online advertisers and sponsors, too. They know it’s going to attract eyeballs because it has content people need and want. And you can take advantage of that fact to bring in some extra cash for your organization.

Read on to to learn eight simple things you can do right now to start creating revenue through your website.

Ad Networks

Many websites use ad networks to turn content into cash flow. Ad networks automatically serve up relevant advertisements based on your website content and audience. These advertisements are administered by the provider and pay out on a per-click or per-impression basis.

Payout rates vary, but let’s say your ad network pays $0.75 per 1,000 impressions. And let’s say your website gets 500,000 page views per year and you have three ads on your website:

500,000 / 1,000 = 500

500 x 0.75 = $375

$375 x 3 = $1,125

“Switch on” that ad network and you’re collecting over $1,125 a year with almost no extra effort and zero cost to you.

Sponsor Page

A crucial part of running your organization is making sure you have enough sponsors to help cover your costs. Once sponsors sign on, it’s important to make sure they are receiving the awareness and value to continue a long-term sponsorship. One way to accomplish this is by creating a dedicated page to display and link to all your sponsor’s websites. 

In addition to bringing visibility to your current sponsors, a sponsorship page lays out the “welcome mat” to potential sponsors. Spell out sponsorship types on this page and include a contact link to request more info. Increase your revenue by adding in tiered sponsorship – meaning larger logos and more prominent placement in exchange for higher dollars.

News Stories

Welcome new sponsors or shout-out long time supporters with a featured news article. This is a great way for them to share the value they bring to the community. The article could be about the services they provide or maybe a volunteer or charity event they are a part of. It’s really up to the sponsor. The important thing is to tell a great story. Don’t forget to include a photo or two and contact details for the sponsor.


They might not technically be part of your website, but your emails attract a lot of eyeballs. Because they’re often used to communicate timely “need-to-know” information to your members, your emails create a captive audience of sorts – and another high visibility opportunity for your sponsors. There are a couple of ways that you can monetize emails:

1. Images.
You can place images (pictures, banners, or logos) in the header or footer of your emails. If your sponsor has a coupon they can give you, simply include that in your email to have people print off.

2. Text.
You can include an offer or announcement inside the message of your email. Something like “Book an appointment at Jim’s Car Repair” with a link to Jim’s Car Repair’s website is an easy way to put a promotional offer in an email for a sponsor.


Sidebars offer prime sponsorship real estate, so don’t let it go to waste. Ask your sponsors for a high quality logo image and place it in the sidebar, making sure it links to their website. Just like that, you’ve created instant visibility and potential web traffic for your backers.

Photo Galleries

Everyone loves browsing through a photo gallery. Taking pictures at games, tournaments, and events to share online will create new high-traffic areas on your website. Depending on how you place the galleries on your website, you can offer sponsorship of an entire “Galleries” page, include sponsor photos in the galleries, or both.

Team Pages

Make sure to provide exposure for team sponsors on the team pages of your website. For maximum value, include not only a sponsor logo, but details on how website visitors can get a hold of them. Phone numbers, email links, and maps are great ways to turn brand awareness sponsorship into business driving value for your sponsors.

Scores and Schedule Pages

Who won and who do we play next? Two simple questions. But they’re certain to account for a lot of your website traffic. So be sure to make your scores and schedule page an important part of your strategy, whether you dedicate the page to one sponsor, multiple sponsors, or incorporate your ad network.


Imagine the freedom to add revenue-driving news articles, photo galleries, team pages, advertisements, and a whole library of other sport-specific features to your website in seconds. No confusing code, just simple clicks.

It’s reality for the thousands of sports organizations around the world using SportsEngine Sitebuilder. For them, it’s not just a powerful and easy website content management system, it’s also a time-saving administrative tool that takes the hassle out of tracking stats, creating rosters, running reports, publishing schedules, and sending messages to all your members.

Get started on unlocking the earning potential of your own beautifully designed, stress-free Sitebuilder website at or:


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