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Page Finder search makes navigation quick, easy

By Loren Nelson, 03/12/15, 2:15PM CDT


Simple process allows allows webmasters to choose groups of pages that can be searched in home page dropdown

Strangely, one of the coolest features on Sport Ngin’s Sitebuilder platform is also one of the most underutilized.

More than five years ago, back when we were building out the Minnesota Hockey Hub, one of the features we added in the top navigation was team finder functionality. This wasn’t a particularly cutting-edge development – lots of sites had a similar feature at the time. But it was a godsend.

I was spending a lot of time building out the 150 or so team pages. Getting to those pages wasn’t easy. The multi-click process started by navigating to Conferences, then trying to remember what conference the team was in, then clicking on that conference (hoping I guessed right) and then finding and clicking on the desired team. This was a huge hassle and annoying waste of time. So we created the Team Finder functionality for the site, which has since morphed into a Page Search feature in the Admin Control Panel. 

While some sites use the Page Search functionality to help viewers find an assortment of key pages, I believe it works best for sites that have dozens and dozens of similar pages. After doing a Webmaster of the Week article on the Kansas Wrestling Coaches Association site, I recommended they use the page search functionality to list the 222 team pages on the site. The webmasters there liked the idea because the Team Pages link on the home page requires viewers to know what division the team they are looking for competes in, a designation that can change from season to season.

Instead of all that guesswork, viewers can now just click the Team Search link, then start punching in the name of the team. Options will be narrowed as more of the team name is typed into the search box.

Setting this up is ridiculously easy.

How it works

Log in

Click on Admin Control Panel

Click on Website Tools

Click on Page Search

Click on Add Page Search Drop Down

Title the Page Search

Select Automatically Display All Public Pages or Manually Choose Pages

Note: In most cases, for sites with multiple teams, you would title the search Team Finder and then select Manually Choose Pages. You would then click the check box next to each of the team pages on the site.

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