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Rosters & Player Pages Take Acers Softballers To The Next Level

By Al Buczkowski, 01/14/15, 9:30AM CST


Smart use of team page tools helps college hopefuls stand out from the crowd.

Don’t wait to be discovered.

When it comes to pursuing a dream of college athletics, these may be five of the most important words to remember.

As Acers Fastpitch has proven, it takes a proactive approach to get to the next level. The Auburn, Washington softball organization has produced 50+ college commitments over the last five years by providing players with a platform and a plan to properly showcase and promote themselves – because it takes more than just talent to get noticed.  

To that end, Acers Fastpitch has turned the seemingly humble roster and player page functions of their Sitebuilder team pages into a powerful promotional tool that gives players an easy way to create and share their own online profiles packed with stats, accomplishments (on and off field) and highlight reels.

The Acers 18 Gold Wilson team page provides an outstanding example, starting with a roster page that gives visitors a clean, easily scannable overview of the players.

Acers 18 Gold Wilson Roster

Click on a player, and visitors are taken to a player page turned in-depth scouting report, starting with profile image and basic player info (including graduation year, GPA, and college commitment, if any), plus an embedded skills video highlighting the strengths of each player as they make their way through a series of drills. 

Acers Player Profile

Acers 18 Gold Wilson Player Profile

Towards the top of each player profile is also a PDF link to a complete player resume´ that includes a full listing of athletic and academic achievements, club and high school info, and key player grading metrics like home-to-first and home-to-home times. 

Player Resume PDF

Acers 18 Gold Wilson Player Resume PDF

To compliment the skills video, many of the player pages also include highlights from actual game footage. 

Player Game Highlight Footage

Acers 18 Gold Wilson Player Game Highlight Footage

Take a tip from the 'Orange and Green'

In the competitive world of select fastpitch softball, enhanced roster and profile pages can be an important tool in helping players gain more exposure and, hopefully, turning dreams of playing at the college level into reality.

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