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Must-know info for mastering SportsEngine Live

By Loren Nelson, 11/21/14, 4:00PM CST


Handy 12-point list goes beyond the basics of using the popular hockey statistics application


Even for those familiar with Sport Ngin Live, our web-based program for entering hockey statistics, it never hurts to knock off the rust and get reacquainted with the application, especially as the hockey season kicks into high gear. 

For coaches, team managers and statisticians new to Sport Ngin Live, we have detailed tutorials (see the on-demand video and the link to the Help Center tutorial at the top of the page) that do an outstanding job of outlining the basics of using SNL.

Going beyond the basics, we’re devoting this article to highlighting advanced Sport Ngin Live tricks and tips as well as addressing the most common questions we hear and mistakes we see.

Sportsengine Live tips and tricks

Use the proper browser, device

This could be considered a basic tip, but it is so essential we're repeating it here. Sport Ngin Live is supported on Chrome, Firefox and Safari, but not on Internet Explorer. Sport Ngin Live works on a desktop, laptop or iPad. 

Check your connection

Sport Ngin Live was designed to be used with an Internet connection, so keep an eye on the upper right corner of your screen. If the connection light is green, you are good to go. If it is red, you do not have a connection and your plays will not be saved. You will see red dots next to your plays in the Play List if your plays are not being saved.

You can continue to score a game if you lose your connection, and it's possible that your plays will be saved and the light buttons next to them will turn green when you regain a connection. Because SNL wasn't designed for offline scoring, we recommend taking a photo of the paper scoresheet after the game if you lost your Internet connection, just in case all the plays don't save.

Sport Ngin Live can be used at any time after the game

Don't let the "Live" in the name fool you. SNL doesn't have to be used only when a game is in progress. Statisticians can use the program to enter statistics from a scoresheet after a game or make scoring corrections at any time, even after a game is finalized.


No scrolling necessary

When choosing players to assign to a goal - or any other play action - there's no need to scroll up in down while scanning names and numbers. Simply type in the player's number and that player will automatically pop up. Another option is to start typing in the first or last name of a player and a short list of players with that name will appear.


Always, always enter clock time

A proper hockey boxscore always displays elapsed time for the play actions. Sport Ngin Live, however, calls for Clock Time when entering the times of goals, penalties and other plays. The program then converts the clock time into elapsed time for display. This is a huge time-saver for scorekeepers, eliminating the need to calculate elapsed time on the fly at the rink. 


No colon needed when entering times

If a goal was scored with 1:57 left in the period, just type in 157. The colon will automatically be added after you hit return.


Leave "Served By" field blank in most cases when entering penalties

Here's another time-saver. When entering penalty information, leave the Served By field as the default Bench unless someone other than the player who took the penalty is serving it. Scenarios where you would need to fill in the Served By field would include when a goalie takes a penalty or when a player takes multiple penalties and another skater has to serve one of them. Also, for a Too Many Men on the Ice infraction, leave the top Skater field at the default Bench option, then choose the skater that is serving the penalty in the Served By field.

Entering batch shots at the end of a period

Teams that don't track individual shots can enter them in bulk at the end of each period. Just leave the Shooter field as the default, or "Bench," and then type in the number of shots (minus goals) for the team. Goals are automatically counted as shots in Sport Ngin Live. Another way to think of it is you are actually entering saves for the opposing goaltender.

We recommend typing 000 as the time when entering batch shots for each team for each period. This method does not work, however, when a game ends with a goal in overtime. In that case, the shots should be entered using the same time the winning goal was scored.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The shot counters at the top of the screen, just under the score for each team, do not recognize batch shots. So if you enter 10 shots for a particular team for one period, the SOG for that team will only increase by one. Disregard those SOG totals, as the bulk shots are being recorded properly everywhere else in the system.

Goalie changes

It's important to denote goalie changes as they occur. Just select the Goalie Change button, the team that changed goalies, the goalie entering the game and time of the change.

If a team pulls its goaltender in favor of an extra skater, hit the small X next to the goaltender's name. This will automatically fill the Goaltender field with the Empty Net option. Be sure to enter the time when the goaltender left the game. Also, if the goaltender later returns to the game, be sure to change the Empty Net field to the goaltender's name and enter the time of the change.

Making corrections

Just click on any play in the play list on the left side of the screen. Once that play is highlighted, make any changes as needed. The changes will automatically be saved.

Returning to the main menu

To add a player to a roster, just click the Menu button in the upper left corner. Then click the Game Settings option. This will return you to the initial game settings screen. Click the Team/Rosters button in the upper right, and you can add to the rosters as needed.

Finalizing a game

Once you are done with the game, hit the Finalize Game link at the top of the page. Just type your name or initials in the Referee Sign Off field, then hit the Finalize Game button at the bottom.

Check your work: After finalizing a game, you will be brought to the game page that displays all of the scoring plays, penalties and other play actions. Give that page a thorough read to ensure everything was entered properly.

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