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Preseason tune-up will restore shine to your website

By Loren Nelson, 11/14/14, 11:45AM CST


Routine maintenance checklist focuses on keeping content fresh, organized

Even the most expensive, most reliable cars need tune ups from time to time. Oil is changed, fluids are topped off and filters get swapped out.

Regular maintenance is essential for websites, too. It’s easy for webmasters with hectic schedules to let their sites fall into a state of disrepair. But a few hours of work -- using Sport Ngin’s 12-point, preseason tune-up checklist as a guide -- can help put a shine on any site.

Many of the points in our checklist focus on posting fresh content, from keeping schedules updated to posting “news that excites” to ensuring viewers and association members are updated on everything from new sponsors to fundraising initiatives.

Updated, interesting and informative content is the foundation of any great website. Our rankings of Sport Ngin sites always showcase the sites producing the best, most timely content.

Here are some examples of sites that do an exceptional job of providing a steady stream of fresh content:

Another point in the checklist to pay particularly close attention to is No. 9, titled "Homepage Reset." Without a plan in place for creating and highlighting fresh content, it's easy to make the homepage a catch-all for any freshly created content. We see a lot of sites with so much content on their home pages there's no way to discern what is the most, or least, important. Viewers don't know where to start, and they don't want to invest the time in sifting through the mountain of information.

Here are some examples of sites that do a great job of using the home page as a launching pad to a wide range of outstanding content:

  • National Collegiate Hockey Conference: There's so much content being regularly posted on this outstanding site that webmaster Michael Weisman uses the tab element in two places on the home page to help organize and manage it all.
  • New Jersey Amateur Baseball League: This site was recently redesigned to showcase all of its great content, from its outstanding photos to stat leaders that are updated daily to its popular social media streams. 
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