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Use layout containers to format articles

By David Urbaniak, 11/20/14, 1:00AM CST


Options for setting up pages to display stories and photos are plentiful

Example of an article page built using layout containers

Effectively using layout containers on the Sport Ngin platform is as important to a webmaster as knowing how many outs are left in an inning is to a Little Leaguer.

This is especially true when it comes to creating a news article from a news collection page, a news slideshow or news aggregator.

Let's say the Bulldogs' star centerfielder made a game-saving catch, then drove in the game-winning run. That's great fodder for an article that highlights not only him but also his team. It's time to write and post that article.

How it works

Locate the News Collection Page, News Slideshow or News Aggregator where you want your article to appear.

Select the (+) sign to create a new article.

Note: If you create a News Article Template you can reuse the same format as many times as you would like. To edit any text box in a template, unlink the template.

Add in Title, Author and Image

Note: Preview Text is not where you should type or paste the article. Click to the next screen and use the Layout Containers.

Using the Article Template we have previously created, we have set up a 2/3 - 1/3 layout container, with an area for the article body in the left 2/3 column, an organization logo in the right 1/3 column and contact information and sponsor information loaded below the article text.

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