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By Loren Nelson, 10/16/14, 2:30PM CDT


Fountain Valley Softball webmaster Ian Hennessey changes headers and backgrounds to fit the holiday

Halloween-themed Fountain Valley Girls Fastpitch Softball site.

Ian Hennessey is the Clark Griswold of webmasters. Which is to say Hennessey is one festive guy.

Like the over-the-top character from National Lampoon’s Vacation movie series, Hennessey goes all out with his holiday decorations. The Fountain Valley (Calif.) Girls Fastpitch Softball webmaster has been swapping out background and banner designs on his site to fit the season – Thanksgiving, Christmas and now Halloween.

“I just do it because I think it’s fun,” Hennessey said by email, adding that he’s hasn’t received much feedback. “It’s pretty thankless.”

Hennessey says he finds free backgrounds and vector files to piece together into backgrounds. Then, if the urge hits, he’ll add a few more bells and whistles.

“Sometimes I will throw in jQuery to make the turkey ‘gobble,’ Santa ‘ho ho ho’ or make the background snow,” Hennessey said.

Hennessey has always used his significant coding skills to swap out the backgrounds. Now, with the ability to change banners and backgrounds from Sport Ngin's Admin Control Panel, no such code knowledge is necessary (unless you absolutely must have your turkey gobble).

“I imagine anyone can do it now that the webmaster can change background images,” he said.

We gave it a try and, sure enough, it’s a snap.

How it works:

Step 1

Log In  

Step 2

Select Admin Control Panel

Step 3

Select Website Settings

Step 4

Select Theme

Step 5

Select Background

Step 6

Select Add Background Graphic

Step 6

Add a New Banner Graphic to your site:

  • Check the Active box
  • Check the Site Default box (this Background Graphic will be the new default banner for your site.)
  • Add this Background on a specific Page

Background Color: We left the setting at the default black

Position: ​ We left the setting at the default Center Top position.

Repeat: We left the setting at the default No Repeat - The background- image will not be repeated.

Attachment: We left the setting at the default Scroll- The background scrolls along with the element.

Choose File: Navigate to the image you want as your new background and select it.

Step 7

Background graphics can be added only to a specific page.

Step 8

Navigate to the section in User Moder to confirm the banner looks correct.

The process is the same for changing the banner graphic, just select the Banner option when you are in the Admin Control Panel's Theme section.

Here are the complete Help Center articles:

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