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Load player photos in minutes using Mobile App

By David Urbaniak and Loren Nelson, 10/28/14, 11:00AM CDT


Roster detail work is quick, easy and gives any site a professional look

A fully loaded and updated team page is as fundamental to a website as the bounce pass is to basketball.

Keeping schedules, scores and rosters updated is well worth the time and attention. It’s the kind of detail work that sets a site apart.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to give a site a professional look and feel is to load player photos by using the free Mobile Application. And by player photos, we mean tightly framed and well-lit headshots of players decked out in their uniforms. 

We’ve seen many, many sites load action photos instead of headshots, and while those photos might look OK in the larger container on player profile pages, all detail (including what the player actually looks like) is lost when the platform automatically resizes the photos for use on team roster pages and leaderboard widgets.

When setting up to shoot your player photos, first use a test subject to make sure you have proper lighting and that you are standing the optimum distance from your subjects. Once you have the proper setup, mark the ground where you want your players to stand and mark where you will be standing to take the photos. This ensures that every photo will have the same cropping and dimensions.

How it works:

  • Coach/Admin must have edit permissions to the team page in order to upload roster pictures.
  • If a team page is set to private, then you will need to be logged in and have permissions to find the team.
  • You can take all of your player's photos at once and add them one by one at a later time by following steps 6 to 9 and then select Choose Photo from library. (You must do this process if you're using an Android.)


Select Roster

Select Player Name

Select the Edit Pencil

Select Edit

Scroll Down to 'Profile Photo' Select Photo

Select Take Photo

Take a Photo

Use Photo or Retake


View Photo

For more on loading roster photos, check out the detailed tutorial from Sport Ngin's Help Center or watch the video tutorial below.

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