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How to generate revenue through sponsorships

By David Urbaniak, 10/14/15, 3:45PM CDT


Sitebuilder offers array of tools to showcase and promote business partners

The Little League game is over, and now it's time for ice cream. Or a quick lunch. Or a stop at the grocery store to stock up on supplies. 

Athletes and their families, friends and fans routinely flock to local businesses after regular season games, during breaks in tournaments and in the evenings after day camps. While relationships between sports organizations and local businesses exist in almost every town across America, only some sports organizations recognize how powerful that connection can be.

Sport Ngin provides the tools to execute a complete, professional sponsorship strategy that will help generate revenue and promote local businesses.

Not every step needs to be followed, but the following is a guide to help generate sponsorship.

How it works:

Create Sponsorship Hub Tab

Create a Sponsorship Hub tab on the home page as a holding ground for current sponsors and as a way to generate interest in new sponsorships.

Decide what type of packages your organization wants to offer:

  • Offer space for a graphic on the home page for an amount of money of your choosing.
  • Offer to place coupons on the site and/or email them to all members for a revenue share when the coupon is used.

Request a Registration

Request a registration that details sponsorship offers and to collect sponsorship funds online.

Place the Registration

Place the registration on your sponsorship hub page

Prepare Google Analytics

Prepare Google Analytics on how many people visit your home page in a year for some selling ammo for how many people will view a sponsorship graphic.

Email Member Directory

Sell Sponsorships by emailing your members directorynetwork and by going to local businesses

Sponsorship Graphics

Add sponsorship graphics by adding (1) Left Panel Graphics, a (2) Photo, and/or (3) Creating a News Story

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