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Volunteer setup can be managed to fit specific needs

By David Urbaniak, 10/01/14, 4:15PM CDT


Specific registration questions linked to Dibs can account for most any family situation

Every family that participates in sports has a different story.

For example, maybe Sarah plays volleyball, with mom managing the team and dad selling popcorn at the concession stand.

Or maybe mom and dad work long hours and would rather pay a little extra to avoid volunteering but still want to contribute to the association.

Or maybe the bash brothers of Billy, Bobby and Brandon all play youth level hockey at the same time, and mom, dad, uncle and grandma all want to be involved.

With the use of the Sport Ngin Registration Tool reporting functionality, you can determine into which bucket each family falls. A flexible system that accounts for many different needs helps create higher volunteer participation and additional revenue in those situations where a family is just too busy to volunteer.

By creating custom Dibs (volunteer) sessions and attaching smart groups based upon registration answers, you can cater to single child participants, multiple children participant families and family buyouts.

How it works:

Checklist before beginning:

Request a Registration


In the Registration Request Form customize a Volunteer Question and determine the amount you want to charge for a Buyout. Common amounts range from $20 to $150.

Please select your volunteer option (required):

  • I would like to Volunteer 5 Hours (Registering One Child for this Registration)
  • I would like to Volunteer 8 Hours (Registering More than One Child for this Registration)
  • I would like to Buyout of Volunteering ($)


Create a Dibs Sessions for a Single Child Family (5 Required Hours) and a Multiple Child Family (8 Hours)

Choose the Settings:

  • Users must login to their account to participate in the dib session.
  • Users must be placed in the dib session by an admin.
  • Track credits and task completion.

Select the Dibs Session name

Select Groups

Select Attach Groups

Create a New Smart Group

Filter the Single Child in the Single Family Dibs Session and Multiple Child Family in the Multiple Child Family Dibs Session.

Note: You won't want to include the buyout families, since they decided to pay and not volunteer.

Final Step

Email message from Dibs or Registration to notify parent to sign up for volunteer shifts (link them to your Dibs page or Dibs aggregator).

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