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Loading rosters from registration is a breeze

By Loren Nelson, 09/26/14, 12:00AM CDT


Say goodbye to painstaking days of entering players by hand.

Entering rosters is one of those mundane tasks that, on the excitement scale, ranks somewhere in the depths below watching cement harden or water evaporate.

The rostering process was once so time consuming it would give tournament administrators nightmares – if only they had the time to sleep instead of plugging in all those names. 

These days the process isn’t nearly so cumbersome. One of our Sport Ngin User Group members recently asked how to roster players from a team registration session. So we played around a little with our U.S. Pond Hockey Championships site, checking to see how easy it would be to roster Sport Ngin Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist Carson Kipfer’s Greenwoods team using information collected from Registration.

Piece of cake.

It should be noted that there are lots of ways to roster a team, and the recommended method is to go through the Admin Control Panel, then the Sport Management tab (step-by-step instructions are here, and a video tutorial is here).

In this example, we are loading players directly through the Greewoods team page.

Here’s how it works:

  • Log in
  • Select Edit Mode
  • Navigate to Team Page
  • Select Roster
  • If adding a Player, select Player, if adding a Coach, select Coach

Select the Add Player button

Select Import Player(s) From Registration

Choose the Survey or Registration that has the roster information you want

Select the Add a Rule link

Select Team Name from the dropdown

Type in the Team Name

  • Click the Select Filters button

Select which players you want to add to this team

Adjust names if needed, then add jersey numbers and positions

Click the Add Players to Roster button

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